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Top 10 Viz tips - 2020 - part IV

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Top 10 Viz tips - 2020 - part IV


Ok, here's another batch of tips when building visualizations in Qlik Sense. It's a mix of recipes for new charts and tips for app development. Content as follows, full descriptions and demos in the app below.




  • Radial bar chart / Activity gauge
  • Violin plot
  • Circle timeline
  • Fish Eye chart
  • Stacked Venn chart
  • Radial bar chart revisited
  • Stacked butterfly chart
  • KPI with org chart
  • Kanban chart with org chart
  • Kanban chart with table
  • Gantt - map chart version
  • Pie chart with center text
  • Switch
  • KPI with text &  image object


  • Custom data labels
  • Color by rank
  • Legend sort order
  • Text & image export
  • Donut map layer
  • Compare with last year
  • Compare with last period
  • Document chaining
  • URL encoding
  • Land or population
  • Avoid formulas in selection bar
  • Custom pivot totals
  • Pick and match
  • Line break in button
  • Pivot with multi lines
  • Autoscale
  • Charts for animation

I want to emphasize that many of the tips are invented by others than me, I tried to credit the original author at all places when possible, the app below can be viewed as my current top picks.

If you liked it, here's more tips in the same style:

Similar but for Qlik GeoAnalytics :


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