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Top 10 Viz tips - part VI

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Top 10 Viz tips - part VI

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Jun 4, 2024 9:09:17 PM

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Feb 5, 2022 12:59:21 PM


More charts and tips for app development in Qlik Sense. It's a mix of recipes for new charts and tips for app development. Content as follows, full descriptions and demos in the app below.




  • Venn diagram for two sets
  • Step chart
  • Gantt revisited with the new combo chart
  • Cross chart
  • Stacked triangular venn chart
  • Grid chart with pies
  • Icicle chart
  • Lollipop chart
  • Deviation Icicle Chart
  • Donut with center text
  • Acitivity gauge revisited
  • Stacked radial plot
  • Timeline chart
  • Harvey Balls
  • Lexis chart
  • Table bar chart


  • Reference line for top 5 and 50%
  • Significant digits
  • Custom labels on stacked bar chart
  • Custom labels on stacked bar chart 2
  • KPI Image Background
  • Adding help
  • Force labels in stacked bar chart
  • Button text in the right size
  • KPI font in the right size
  • Hide table header
  • Filter data in a chart
  • 1000 column table
  • Embed labels
  • Pajama striping with CSS
  • Background text in charts
  • Labels on calculated dimensions in drill down
  • Conditional background color
  • Legend with word wrap
  • Highlighting selected value
  • Radar chart properties
  • Custom x-axis

As always many of the tips are created by others than me, I tried to credit the original author at all places when possible, the app below can be viewed as my current top picks.

If you liked it, here's more in the same style:


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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Thanks for the inspiration! 👌

Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Hi @Patric_Nordstrom 

Does it work in Qlik Cloud?

I used to have this working via MultiKPI with css with various different solutions like:

  • hiding breadcrumbs in pivot table
  • changing table header colours etc
  • hiding showing nav-bar etc 

Now in your app is see you also have multi KPI with CSS for KPI Image background on the sheet, but when loaded to Qlik Cloud it does not show background.

I have figured that it has something to do with URLs in Qlik SaaS and in fact when I uploaded image to Media Library and referenced it from there it worked: https://mycloudaddress/api/v1/apps/53dbcb2f-9c9d-445b-b96c-0cca721c72b0/media/files/KPI.png

so question I have - is there anything in Qlik SaaS we can do (setting, adding some parameters, whitelist of urls.. etc) to avoid having such cumbersome solution where images have to be loaded first to media library before they can be referenced. I guess the same issue appears if we try to reference images in tables.



Yes, all of the above works in Qlik Cloud.

In Qlik Cloud all URLs that contain resource requests to external resources must have its origins allowlisted in the Content Security Policy, else the resource will not be loaded. 


Thanks for bringing it up I will add a comment on the sheet.



Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Patric,

thanks for sharing. Is this app available somewhere on

I was not able to find your app on




@martingries no, it's only available here. 



Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank you so much Patric. Love your work!

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Hi @Patric_Nordstrom thanks for the great work you've shared with us.

I'm seeing the gantt chart and I'd like to know if the dependency line could go from the last part of the previous bar to the first part of the dependent bar.

Right now the dependency is from the last part of the previous bar to the last part of the dependent bar.

Many thanks in advance, Marcel.

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

@Patric_Nordstrom I wonder where the date for these sample apps comes from? How is it licensed? Can I use it to create sample for myself/my company?

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Thanks, it's so helpful!


Hi @Patric_Nordstrom This is wonderful.  However, the "Donut with center text" is appearing as blank on both Qlik Sense desktop and Qlik Sense cloud. If I replace the embedded expressions  with a number, then the chart will display correctly. This worked last week.....I did update to the latest version of Qlik Sense desktop recently, but strangely the Cloud version hasn't been updated, and I'm experiencing the same issue on both. Could you confirm whether you (or anyone else in this community) can see the same issue? Thanks

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