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As we drive towards our vision for Active Intelligence, we are delivering capabilities that optimize decisions in the “business moment” – that brief period where people, data, and businesses can come together to take advantage of opportunities to drive unique value.  With the November 2020 release, we are introducing intelligent data alerting on-board in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, included with your Qlik Sense Enterprise subscription, empowering people to stay on top of changes in their data and take timely action, where and when it’s needed.



Capitalizing on emerging business moments requires a state of continuous intelligence where technology and processes trigger immediate actions from real-time, analytics-ready data – what we call “Active Intelligence”.  People need relevant, personalized insights, delivered as data is changing.  With data alerting in Qlik Sense, our customers can move from passive to active data consumption, going beyond the dashboard to take immediate action at the speed of data.

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Data alerting is now included with Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS subscriptions – fully integrated into the Qlik Sense experience, supporting both self-service and centrally managed alerts. Just right click on any chart to create a new alert.  Alerts feature statistical evaluation of new data against thresholds, comparisons between measures, condition and/or logic, and the ability to trigger alerts based on individual dimension values.  And of course, because of our unique Associative Engine, alerts are always in-context and users can immediately analyze further to determine what action is needed.

In addition to alerting, the November 2020 data analytics release includes several other exciting new capabilities, including:

  • Insight Advisor enhancements including improvements to business logic Insight Advisor enhancements including improvements to business logic and a new vocabulary options to enhance natural language queries
  • Expanded App capacity for larger data sets
  • Support for larger QlikView Apps and document chaining to support our analytics modernization program
  • Insight Advisor Chat for Qlik Sense on Windows, available as a value-added capability
  • And a host of new visualization and authoring capabilities, some of which are featured in the Qlik Sense Visualization Showcase to see them in action
  • More Connectivity: with Google Cloud Storage, OData, and JDBC support for Couchbase, Cassandra, AWS DynamoDB, and SAP HANA

And it doesn’t stop there, as November 2020 also provides many new improvements to the Qlik Data Integration Platform.  This release includes new endpoints, improved integrated workflows and performance, security enhancements, and new certifications to align with customer and industry demands.  We are especially excited about the following new features:

  • Data warehouse automation for Google Big Query
  • Expansion of SAP integration options through new support for SAP Extractors as a new Source
  • New high demand endpoints including Databricks Delta target, Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud target, and Azure MySQL source
  • Automated registration of Qlik Data Integration created data sets into Qlik Catalog

Longer Feature Demo

Don’t miss the next Qlik Insider, where some of our product experts will go into more detail on what is listed above and more.    We will also provide detail on our latest acquisition of and the importance of this addition to our technology portfolio.    Register here

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