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Available now in Qlik Sense SaaS, the Application Evaluator is a new performance testing tool that extends the developer’s ability to finetune applications prior to deploying. The Application Evaluator examines response times and resource consumption for all public objects in an application and accelerates any investigation process by delivering a detailed report and link to specific objects.

Performance controls and testing capabilities are critical components for developers and architects in the modern-day. Now with Qlik Sense SaaS, developers can have these controls native to their workflow, right inside the platform.

The Application Evaluator is one of many investments from Qlik towards strengthening the dev-ops capabilities in Qlik Sense SaaS. Currently on the road is the ability to compare results of the latest evaluation with previous versions - so keep an eye out for what’s next!

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Learn more about governed workflow for developers at Qlik World 2021. Click here or search for session 486456: “Governed Content Workflow for Developers and Consumers.”

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How to Trigger an Application Evaluation?

Each Application will have the ability to execute a Performance Evaluation, by selecting the ellipses icon next to the application, you’ll then see the option to ‘Evaluate Performance’.



The most recent and also the historical evaluations from that app can be found in the details section.


The most recent and also the historical evaluations from that app can be found in the details section.



At a glance, you’ll see the most recent and previously ran evaluations with the following details:

  • Status of Evaluation
  • Start Date of Evaluation
  • App Size
  • Rows
  • Objects
  • Results of the Evaluation



By selecting the results icon on the right side, a prompt window will appear providing an overview and details section for the evaluation.



The Overview will provide important insights on a variety of components like peak memory, application and file size, rows of data, and the number of Public sheets and objects*.

*The Evaluator will only run analysis on Public Sheets and the object found within those sheets.


The Details portion goes deeper and offers details on caching problems, single-threaded performance, load times (Cached & Uncached), resource consumption, and memory allocation. Each section can be expanded to see a list of objects and their response times.  

See example image below.



Smooth Linking

To improve user experience, we’ve introduced smooth linking from the results to the application object. When a troublesome object has been identified, a simple click on the link next to the object name will open the application and highlight the object with a blue frame. See example image below.



Embed Results via API

Evaluation results of an application can also be extracted via the API with a JSON file output, enabling any requirements to embed this data elsewhere.


Find out more at QlikWorld during the session on Governed Content Workflow for Developers  - presented by our Qlik gurus, Fredrik Lautrup, Magnus Berg and Thomas Hopp.