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Qlik Data Catalyst is going to be called Qlik Catalog

It’s been great to see more and more Qlik Sense and former Attunity customers learn about Qlik Data Catalyst - how it can help expand both Data Integration or Data Analytic solutions to provide data consumers with a self-service environment to search for and select the data they need as well as enable organizations to quickly profile and organize their data assets.

At Qlik, we’ve been making some changes to further integrate Qlik Data Catalyst into the overall Qlik family. 

In January, we positioned Qlik Data Catalyst together with the formerly Attunity products as one Qlik Data Integration platform to emphasize the value that these products can deliver together.  Our Data Integration Platform gives customers one solution that can do everything from automated data streaming (CDC) to cataloging and publishing.

We’re now changing the product name to provide clarity on the role of the catalog in any of our solutions, whether it’s data warehouse automation, data lake creation or self-service analytics.

Qlik Data Catalyst is going to be called Qlik Catalog.

We’ve just begun the name changing process.  For example, if you now go to the Enterprise Data Catalog page on, you’ll see we’ve started to ease into this transition by referring to both the old and new names.  But you may see other content that is still using the old name.   This includes the product UI and documentation.  They will continue to say “Qlik Data Catalyst” until sometime in Q4, 2020.  By then, all content will just refer to the new name. 

Note that we’re only changing the name.  This move doesn’t affect the product’s pricing, packaging, or functionality.

There are some exciting new features being planned for later this year so stay tuned for future updates about Qlik Catalog!

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