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Product Innovation

By reading the Product Innovation blog, you will learn about what's new across all of the products in our growing Qlik product portfolio.

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We launched Qlik’s Application Automation on October 1, 2021, with 31 smart connectors to drive dynamic actions through analytics and integration workflows.   In fact, we have seen fantastic market buzz and adoption.   September’s “Do More With Qlik” webinar broke record highs for registrants, attendees, and engagement.  Furthermore, in November alone, we saw hundreds of thousands of automations run in external tenants across Qlik Cloud.

But we have not rested on our laurels.  Last week, we added a new template feature, and we are happy to announce that we’ve now rolled out seven new connectors. 

So, let’s take a deep dive and get a closer look at the new connectivity and automation blocks. 

  • Data Warehouses: The system can trigger webhooks, bring the data into Qlik Application Automation for analytics, based on the data warehouse telling the system it’s ready to go through an API call. 
  • SnowflakeGet (or push) data from (or to) Snowflake data cloud for use in analytics or data integration processes. 
  • Amazon RedshiftGet (or push) data from (or to) Redshift warehouse for use in analytics or data integration processes.  



  • Google Big QueryGet (or push) data from (or to) Google Big Query warehouse for use in analytics or data integration processes. 
  • Platform Enhancements: 



  • Remote Application: 
  • Dbt (data build tool) is a solution that enables data analysts and engineers to transform, test, and document data in their cloud data warehouses. Use the connector and blocks to control dbtCloud jobs as an action within Qlik Cloud.  
  • UI PathControl UiPath automations from within Qlik Cloud. UiPath is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA alternative automation for systems that do not support API-based integrations (screen-scrape instead). Read more about Qlik’s key partnership with UI Path. 
  • SplunkSplunk is “enterprise log/event management.” Search Splunk instances or add events to Splunk (e.g., app reload completed).    


Qlik Application Automation is part of our Active Intelligence vision which delivers in-the-moment awareness of every aspect of your business and helps to drive immediate actions. Read more about the value of Qlik Application Automation. 

Review a YouTube video that will walk you through Qlik’s Application Automation, using SalesForce.