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Former Employee


After months of hard work building an application, judging by Qlik and other experts, and three days of voting at QlikWorld Online, the Academic Program Datathon winner has been chosen!

Congratulations to Thomas De Dobbeleer and Rutger Mols, team AtTwice from Thomas More in Belgium for winning our 2022 global Qlik Academic Program QlikWorld Datathon!

This February Qlik launched a Datathon, a challenge to help develop solutions towards achieving three of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 13 Climate Action, Goal 14 Life Below Water, and Goal 15 Life on Land. All three of these climate goals are focused on protecting our planet. We invited Qlik Academic Program students from across the globe to use Qlik software to develop data and analytic solutions for the global climate challenges we face because there is no Planet B!  Students were able to design their solution based on the challenge objectives and two finalists were announced in April. During the three-day event, QlikWorld Online participants had the opportunity to watch presentations by each of our Datathon challenge finalists and then vote for their favorite. The votes are in, and team AtTwice was chosen as the winner!  If you were unable to attend QlikWorld Online, it is not too late to watch the Datathon presentation. If you are interested in participating in a future Datathon or would like to join our program, register today for the Qlik Academic Program and receive free access to our software, training and other learning resources!


Meet our winning team to learn more about their journey!

They participated in the Datathon during their internship at At Once which is a consulting company and Qlik Partner.  They credit At Once for giving them the opportunity to spend time on both the Datathon and customer projects. Explaining  "The Qlik Academic Program Datathon was ideal for expanding our knowledge of Qlik in between our internship projects. Taking a break and focusing on another project like the Datathon was a pleasant change".  They also share their thanks to both the Qlik Academic Program and the internship saying "At Once and the Qlik Datathon have made us warm to work further in data visualization with Qlik Sense in the future."

Rutger Mols is from Poederlee, Belgium, a village in the province of Antwerp where he currently lives with his parents and younger brother.  In his free time, he likes biking, going to the bars with friends, and being a trainer of the U9.  On occasion, he plays in the KVC Lille United soccer club.  Rutger is a senior at university, and he is studying Applied Computer Science.  Upon graduation, he would like to find a job as a BI consultant so he can work in a social environment but continue his passion for IT.  When asked about the Datathon challenge Rutger shares “I personally think that the 17 sustainable goals are a very good guideline in improving our world. I think/hope that by now these goals are generally known and paid attention to. Let us hope that we can work with these guidelines and focus on an even better world and future.”

Thomas De Dobbeleer was born in Belgium and has been living there for most of his life.  He lives in a town called Vosselaar but he attends university in Geel, Belguim.  When he is not studying, he loves to read, travel, and take part in winter sports.  He also loves going on holiday to surf! Thomas is also an undergraduate student studying Applied Computer Science. He chose that discipline because he enjoys the mix of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence. Thomas is also considering being a consultant upon graduation.  Through his experience with the Datathon, he believes it could be fun to help companies bring life to their data with the help of Qlik. When discussing his interest in the Datathon challenge, he expressed “I am very conscious about the sustainable goals. Because I travel a lot, I see a lot of things that we are doing wrong. The biggest things I notice are deforestation and littering. That’s why I thought this Datathon was very interesting in my case.”

Congratulations again to Thomas and Rutger!