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Celebrating June as Pride Month, Gillian Farquhar, a Qlik For All Task Force member, walks us through her experiences with positive change at Qlik over a decade of employment.

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I’ve been a proud Qlikkie (Qlik employee) for almost 11 years, which means I have been around long enough to see profound change at my company in so many different ways. For example, I was here when we went public (and then private much later). I was here to celebrate our massive Boston office expansion after several key acquisitions and also on hand to see Qlik take over sparkling office spaces in the iconic Empire State Building in NYC and Tower 42 in London. I’ve been privileged to travel to amazing locales for our annual employee summits and sales kick offs to learn, strategize and celebrate with thousands of my colleagues. And yes, I have seen our executive and personnel team changes – and many former colleagues become mentors and close friends too. In all, I have cheered at the positive cultural changes taking place inside Qlik – every single year a new step forward. It IS a different Qlik. I’m proud of that.

This year, I’m delighted to personally take part in another wave of change as a Task Force member of Qlik For All, our strategic initiative dedicated to diversity, inclusion and belonging. As part of the initiative, our small group works across the company – with full executive support and in fact led by one of our most senior executives – on Education, Listening, Engagement and Resources for Qlik employees. As part of our work, we are celebrating passions, heritage, and inclusion in new ways. For June’s Pride Month, we are very proud to celebrate every love and every individual, every single day. To be clear, we embrace love, diversity and visibility with and for our colleagues and customers all over the world. Not just in June, but always.

If you’d like to celebrate with us, I invite you to download and use these Pride “Zoom” backgrounds. I love them and hope you will too. And, if you have any questions about the work we’re doing at Qlik For All, feel free to PM me. I’d love to chat.

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Nicely said! Thanks for the leadership and support!