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Contributor II
Contributor II

Contribution of forecast based on actual


I would like to distribute the total forecast value based on the actual contribution as well as the user defined contribution.

I have Prod category A,B,C having sales 100,300 and 50, their contribution is 22%,67% and 11% respectively.

user will input the total forecast sales as 1000, than distribute the total based on the actual contribution. Lets say, now user wants to overwrite the prod category A to 25%, than Prod Cat A to 250, remaining 750 will be assign to the actual proportion to B and C. 

Prodsale% ContrForecastForecast


Similarly, if the user input 25% to A and 50% to B than assign remaining to C. users will input the A,B and C values in different combinations. 

Thanks in advance.

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