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access denied to this document qlikview

was trying to open QVW it says access denied to this document qlikview.

how can i open this document,, this is in server,

what is this warning for.

4 Replies
Creator II
Creator II

Where you able to open the app before? if so then due to section access on the app. are u accessing the app from access point? may be permission are denied.


Hi Gill,

are you using QV Desktop OR via he access point?


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Gill,

If you were accessing this document using document CAL earlier then check again if your document cal assignment has been revoked. Such messages appear in this case as well. Besides that if this app works with section access then may be your permission from section access list has been removed.



After running into this problem myself, I figured that this happens if you save a .qvw document after doing a Limited Load from the Debugger and saving the file before doing a full reload. I have not found a way to reopen the denied/locked file. Had to go to a backup copy.