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Sense Enterprise on Windows release notes - February 2024 Initial Release to Patch 4

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Sense Enterprise on Windows release notes - February 2024 Initial Release to Patch 4

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May 15, 2024 5:30:54 AM

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Feb 13, 2024 8:19:57 AM

Table of Contents


The following release notes cover the versions of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows released in February 2024. For questions or comments, post in the Product Forums or contact Qlik Support.


What's new in February 2024

Please refer to the What’s new sections of the online help for information about the new and updated features of the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows February 2024 release:

What's new in Qlik Sense February 2024 (Users)

What's new in Qlik Sense February 2024 (Developers)

What's new in Qlik Sense February 2024 (Administrators)


February 2024

New load balancing algorithm

The load balancing algorithm has been improved by using Engine health check data. As part of the Engine health check data we now store the CPU usage and free memory information per Engine node. Now, apps can be routed to nodes based on this data to make sure nodes are receiving new apps or new sessions based on their current usage.

Added support for SHA-384

Support for SHA-384 has been added for a higher encryption within a Qlik Sense deployment. After a new installation or upgrade, SHA-256 will still be selected but the configuration can be changed into SHA-384 certificates.

Export functionality added for audits in the QMC

With the February 2024 release, you can now export your audit results out of your QMC into CSV files and use those values outside of your Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment.

Data window functions in engine load script

Customers can now perform complex calculations on their data tables in the Qlik load script to perform aggregation on different partitions without losing the granularity of their data.

This functionality is commonly used in SQL and with many ML data preparation use cases.

New pivot table

The new Pivot table is here with a set of new features:

  • Dimension headers
  • Null value custom symbol, foreground and background color
  • Grid styling with width and color
  • Font styling for size, color and family for headers and cell contents
  • Totals styling and placement options: above or below
  • Column width options, set to auto, in pixels or with percentage
  • Scrollbars outside chart
  • Interactive sort of dimensions

All of the above are designed and added based on feedback from our users. The new Pivot table is launched in the Visualization bundle and will replace native pivot next year when additional features are added.

Layout container

The Layout container is a new component in the Dashboard bundle. In the Layout container, charts can be placed in a freeform manner with or without a snapping grid. Charts can overlap, be stacked, and controlled with show conditions. The Layout container is highly versatile but especially useful for:

  • Grouping charts together
  • Combining charts into new visualizations
  • Creating composite KPIs
  • Grouping and reusing user controls and buttons
  • Creating aesthetic pleasing dashboards

To get the most out the layout container, follow best practices, check out Bruno Calver's talk at Techspert Visualization Day on Qlik Community.

Styling Grid, Funnel & Sankey charts

The Grid chart, Funnel chart, and the Sankey chart have been upgraded with the new property panel for styling. The styling includes general settings for title, subtitle, footnote, background, border and shadow and chart specific settings for axis and value labels.

Filter pane styling

The Filter pane now gets more properties for styling: General settings for title font styling, background, border and shadow. Chart specific styling for header and content font styling, color settings for selection state, background color and image.

Borders and shadows

As of today, most charts receive settings for borders and shadows. Charts inherit the border setting from the theme but the border width and color setting can now be overridden and customized per chart. The border can play a big role in how your dashboard is perceived, use it wisely to achieve your goals.

Chart shadow is a new property on charts, providing a shadow contour around the chart, with options for size and color. Shadows create a depth effect and can be used to highlight and make certain elements stand out.

Borders and shadows works very well in the Layout container where charts can overlap and be stacked.

Copy and paste style

You now have a new menu choice for copying style settings from one chart to another. This quality of life improvement makes it easier to style and work with charts. Especially now when all charts has many more styling settings.


Resolved Defects

February 2024 Patch 4

Patch 4 contains important security fixes. For more information, see below links:

Blog post:


Key Title Description
QB-25677 Databricks connector: OAuth authentication problem related to character length of connection string Fixed an issue that caused errors in authenticating a Databricks connection via Azure OAuth. The problem was caused by a change in the character length of the connection string. The issue has been fixed by excluding OAuth tokens from connection string length validation, and additionally by providing these tokens with their own length limit of 16kb.
QB-22519 Qlik Sense Engine: Inner set expression issue when outer set expression is present Fixed an issue that caused the miscalculation of inner set expressions when outer set expressions were present. To apply this fix, users must add the line "AdHocFieldIgnoreOuterSetField=1" to the settings.ini file. For information on how to edit the file, see How to modify Qlik Sense Engine settings.ini.:
QB-25034 Visualizations: Sheets with tables have incomplete or blank data Fixed an issue that would cause some apps to show incomplete or blank data in some visualizations after selection operations, or in some cases, on the first rendering.
QB-26190 Qlik Sense Engine: Section Access issues after upgrade to Qlik Sense February 2024 After the February 2024 upgrade, Section Access with dynamic data reduction would fail in some cases. When reduction fields were using numerical values, it would sometimes cause the data reload to fail. This has been fixed.
QB-26125 Qlik Sense Engine: File lock applied when saving reloaded apps on NetApp file share Fixed a problem with the degradation of a third-party driver that would cause the Qlik Engine to be unable to take file lock when applying changes to the App. This problem only occurred when using Qlik Sense with NetApp SMB file share.


February 2024 Patch 3

Key Title Description
QB-24656 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Pivot table drag dimension to column fails Dragging dimensions to columns failed if disabled dimensions were present. This has been fixed and dragging dimensions in a pivot table now sorts correctly.
QB-25165 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Unable to add data connection throwing error 404 Resolved a degrade issue that made it impossible to create connections when using virtual proxy prefixes.
QB-25897 Link to helpsite missing in topbar menu Restored the Help link to the Qlik helpsite in the action menu (...) on the navigation bar.
SHEND-1828 Qlik Sense: Updated Node.js Qlik Sense February 2024 Patch 3 updates the version of NodeJS to pick up recent patches.


February 2024 Patch 2

Offline license issue in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows February 2024.

The following support article details a workaround:
This issue will be fixed with the release of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows February 2024 Patch 2 on March 20, 2024.

Key Title Description
QB-24802 Qlik Sense Mobile: All filter option is not displayed on iOS device Fixed a problem where zoom on text entry was not reset, resulting in missing filter options.
QB-25217 Qlik Data Prep: Limited field of view in the Add Data dialog in Data Manager on Chrome and Edge When selecting a source data file, the preview window was limited to only showing one row. This has been solved by fixing a rendering problem in the Add Data Dialog on the latest Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge versions.
QB-25045 Qlik Sense Licensing: Cannot set offline license in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows February 2024 Fixed a problem that would throw an error when using offline license.
QB-21455 Qlik Sense Hub: Favorites icon visible in anonymous sessions We have removed the Favorite icon for anonymous sessions.


February 2024 Patch 1

Key Title Description
QB-24440 Qlik Sense: EngineHealth function in QMC stops working when TimeZone is UTC Fixed a problem where the engine timestamp did not include a timezone offset, presenting only a "Z" instead of the expected "+0000", leading to a failure in converting the timestamp into a readable format. This update addresses a critical issue where the EngineHealth function would cease to operate correctly when the system TimeZone was set to UTC. We have enhanced the functionality within the QMC to ensure robust and accurate parsing of date-time strings across various time zone formats.
QB-24625 Qlik Sense Engine: Access to hidden values possible through Set Analysis on dimension Fixed a problem where the Section Access value subset was not correctly applied to fields-on-the-fly based on a single key field. This resulted in all key values being visible on the field on the fly, even if Section Access restricted the source key field.
QB-24368 Qlik Sense: Content libraries do not recognize virtual proxy prefix Fixed a problem where it was not possible to load content library items if a virtual proxy was used.
QB-22171 REST Connector: Slow when importing large files We have made performance improvements of file import with the REST connector for cases where a table contains a large number of columns.
QB-24441 Qlik NL Insights: NL Insights not working on mashups on Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows Fixed a problem where NL Insights considered extensions as virtual proxy prefixes, causing the request to use the wrong URL.
QB-24350 Qlik Sense Visualizations: No longer possible to select several areas of the map at the same time Clicking on one element of a slightly off-screen map would focus on the selection and confirmed it directly. This has been fixed and the map allows multiple selections.
QB-24944 Visualizations: Qlik.Resize() not working in mashups Fixed a problem where Qlik.Resize() was not working in mashups. Chart rendering on resize is now triggered when the chart starts with zero size.
QB-24577 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Treemap chart color doesn't apply defined custom theme after upgrade After upgrading to QS May 2023 patch 9, the custom theme was not applied to the treemap. This has been solved, and in cases where the color scheme does not exist, it will fall back to default.


February 2024




QB-19742 Connectors: SAP BW/Infoprovider data type "INT8" limitation The use of CL_ALV_TABLE_CREATE=>CREATE_DYNAMIC_TABLE was created in SAP_BASIS 46B, so new data types were not supported. This is now resolved by this ticket which was identified by SAP note 551605.
QB-20411 Qlik Engine: Outer set analysis could give different results with a master measure If a master measure had an inner set using a $-sign expression, then the outer set could be applied erroneously. This meant that the result of an outer set with an expression could give different results than that outer set with an expression in a master measure. This has been fixed and set analysis results are now the same independent of whether the expression is in a master measure or not.
QB-20509 Qlik Engine: Embedded field names are sometimes not detected Qlik Engine on Linux now correctly detects embedded labels in text files with Japanese and other non-western European languages.
QB-21103 Qlik Engine: Variable definitions are unexpectedly changing during an interactive reload If a variable was created as an app object (not in script) and a user changed the value of the variable within their session, for example by using the variable input control in the Qlik Sense user interface, and the user then reloaded the app in the same session, the definition of the variable would change to the value in the user's session. This scenario would typically occur during app development, since it requires user-triggered interactive reload, with the same user working in the app, in the same session.
This fix ensures that the definition of a variable is always maintained unless it is explicitly changed by an app designer or in a load script. The in-session value of the variable is independently controlled.
QB-21227 Visualizations: When bar chart is selected NVDA screen reader reads incorrect information Fixed a problem that caused NVDA screen reader to read incorrect information when a bar chart was selected. 
QB-21289 Visualizations: Variance waterfall data shows incorrect number abbreviation in Auto mode This fix formats both the labels and the tips of the variance-waterfall chart based on the first measure format, in both Auto and Number mode.
QB-22155 Qlik Sense: Fail to open Data Load Editor in new tab The routing was redirecting to a non-existent HMTL file, causing the failure to open the Data Load Editor in a new tab. This fix corrects the routing.
QB-22161 Qlik Sense Hub: Blank space appears in the Hub when app menu is opened Fixed an issue where a blank space was displayed at the bottom of the screen in the Hub when the app menu was opened using right-click.
QB-22217 Qlik Sense on Windows: Bad request error when connecting to websocket for some formats of headers This issue affected Qlik Sense on Windows August 2023 Patch 2. A "400 Bad request" error was thrown when connecting to websocket if multiple comma-separated valid headers were entered without entering a whitespace after the comma. This has been fixed and header values are now allowed without whitespaces.
QB-22272 Qlik Sense: Error when reloading Excel data after upgrading to Qlik Sense May2023 patch 6 After upgrading to Qlik Sense May 2023 patch 6, some users saw "Error: Too many columns in data sources (16326) but the limit is 10000)" when reloading Excel data. This has been fixed by updating the default value of MaxColumsInDataSource to 0 for Qlik Sense Enterprise environments. The limit is set to 10,000 in Cloud environments by the cloud management rules in args.yml template.
QB-22497 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Hyperlink in table not working on Qlik Sense August 2022 IR Fixed a problem where opening a URL from a table would cause the link to have a port attached to the URL. This went against the browser's origin restriction, meaning the iframe didn't show. This was solved by adding a "noopener" to the opening of the link.
QB-22664 Connectors: SAP BW reload fails when processing a variable value with "+" filter Added support for "+" character in BEx variable values.
QB-22724 Tab Nabbing vulnerability in openNewTab() Noopener has now been included when opening URLs from button objects.
QB-22750 Visualizations: Copy and paste of cell value fails in iFrame Copying to clipboard is blocked within iFrames and needs to be specifically allowed on the iFrame properties. Due to the deprecation of execCommand in the browser API, Qlik now uses the never clipboard API. This is however blocked by default in iframes, unless you explicitly allow it. To allow, add:

<iframe src="index.html" allow="clipboard-read; clipboard-write"></iframe>

execCommand can still be utilized until it is removed. Until then, Qlik supports it as a fallback if the preferred copy solution is blocked.
QB-22795 'Last modified by' is set to INTERNAL\bootstrap at app reload The 'Modified by' column in QMC apps table is now set to INTERNAL\sa_repository after each app reload, reflecting the repository service updates to the app static byte size.

This feature can be toggled on/off in the repository and QMC.
QB-22817 Visualizations: Color by expression not working in bar/line charts Fixed a problem where color by expression was not applied correctly in some bar and line charts if it was combined with conditionally hidden measures.
QB-22849 Qlik Sense: Dashboard variable input has inconsistent behavior Fixed a problem where the variable input from the dashboard bundle added an extra option to the dropdown. This extra option was confusing and has now been removed from the dropdown options. A new hidden option has been added that will allow selection of any option in the dropdown when these do not match the current value of the variable.
QB-22966 Qlik Connectors: Drill connector ODBC driver update The ODBC driver for the Drill connector has been updated to a newer version that includes updates to third-party components.
QB-22968 Qlik Sense: External call to The font Qlik Sense loads when the application starts is now loaded from Qlik Sense's own web resources. This means that external calls are no longer made.
QB-23049 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Unable to export to image or PDF when using URL rewrite in Reverse Proxy Exporting Image/PDF didn't work using a Reverse Proxy prefix if a Virtual Proxy was not provided in the QMC. This fix removes the need to set up a Virtual Proxy in the QMC and instead uses the configurations of the Reverse Proxy to call the correct path to the printing service
QB-23162 Reading Parquet from S3 Added a fix to read parquet files from S3 
QB-23280 Qlik Engine: Attribute flag does not affect cardinality of a Pivot table Fixed a problem where an attribute with a SET statement with the attribute flag set to "false", was not expanding the whole cube to include the SET. 
QB-23298 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Abbreviation of dimension labels are too short Fixed a problem where GetObjectMeasures() did not work when used in a calculated dimension with aggr() method.
QB-23329 Visualizations: Scroll option missing in Link to Sheet selection. Fixed an error that caused some CSS to not load properly, resulting in the missing scrolling function
QB-23393 Qlik Engine: Parquet file not read correctly Parquet files were incorrectly ready, producing incorrect data output. This was fixed by supporting decimal types stored as fixed-length byte arrays.
QB-23492 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Total cell is not bold in Pivot table In Pivot tables with a measure and a dimension in column, the Total value cell was not bold. This has been fixed and the Total value cells are correctly set as bold when there are only column dimensions and indent mode is turned off.
QB-23497 Master measure formatting was not applied in Insight Advisor charts Resolved an issue where changes were not applied in Insight Advisor charts when master item settings were changed.
QB-23501 Windows authentication pop-up appears when loading background images in charts The issue has been resolved. The media library button in the property panel was not using the virtual proxy prefix when loading the images. 
QB-23548 Qlik Sense Hub: Long app names get truncated In the Hub, apps with long names were truncated and not shown in the UI. This has been fixed with styling changes to show the app name on the next line if it exceeds a certain length.
QB-23564 Visualizations: Sheet background cannot be inserted via virtual proxy prefix Resolved an issue where sheet background insertion was not possible via virtual proxy prefix. 
QB-23580 Visualizations: Grid chart not allowing filtering on Y-axis dimension Fixed a problem where gird charts did not render correctly if the current selection did not generate any data.
QB-23712 Visualizations: Selection icon hidden when zoom is used on Qlik Sense Mobile  Fixed a problem where the icon to confirm selections on the filter pane disappeared from the screen when zoom was active. Zooming is now prevented on the search field on small devices. 
QB-23717 Visualizations: Clipboard API does not exist in non-secure context (HTTP) Resolved and issue where write text to clipboard did not exist in nonsecure context (HTTP allowed). Now, a check ensures that the string is copied through a callback function whenever the clipboard API is unavailable.
QB-23790 Qlik Sense Engine: Windows script functionality Window and WRank script functionality was originally available only on Qlik Cloud. With this fix, the script function is now available for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.
QB-23934 Updated filter pane responsiveness Resolved an issue where the filter pane would appear cropped when made very narrow in some cases.

QB-23976 Fix default context menu in mashups with containers Resolved an issue where the default context menu of the browser failed to appear in mashups containing containers.
QB-24345 Qlik Sense: Mashups not loading after Qlik Sense upgrade A comparison for cross-site mashups was not considering a mashup on the same host with a different port to be a cross-site mashup.
QB-24377 Visualizations: Wrong color by dimension Fixed an issue where changing the first dimension of a two-dimensional chart via the exploration menu could update the "Color by dimension" incorrectly.
SHEND-1522 Qlik Sense: Updated Node.js Qlik Sense February 2024 updates the version of NodeJS to pick up recent patches


Known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations were identified at release time. The list is not comprehensive but lists all known major issues and limitations.


  • Third-party extensions are currently not supported on mobile devices, and the Qlik Trusted Extension Developer program does not accredit extensions for use on mobile devices. Generated items might not be visualized properly on a mobile device, depending on individual device specifications, mobile OS, and the size of the Qlik Sense app.
  • When you consume Qlik Sense apps using the Microsoft Edge browser on touch/hybrid devices, the long-press action does not work. This prevents you from accessing functions such as an object’s context menu, which requires a long press in touch mode. This is a Microsoft Edge issue.
    Workaround: If you use a hybrid device, turn off touch mode, and then turn it back on again.
  • Export as Anonymous does not work for mashups deployed in a domain that is different from the domain where Qlik Sense is installed. Export only works for Anonymous if the mashup is deployed in the same domain as Qlik Sense.
  • When using the new Load Extension syntax in the load script, the Data Load Editor syntax completion does not work well after the keyword “Extension” when trying to write the call to an SSE function (AAI function). The script still executes correctly.
  • Legend does not show dimension values after row number 3000.
  • Limitations when exporting a story to PowerPoint:   
    • Titles are not rescaled as HTML. Font settings are not exported.
    • Storytelling effects are not applied.
    • Exported charts might show fixed scroll bars, depending on the export resolution.
  • It is not possible to open the context menu of an org chart on a touch device.
  • When you choose to view data in the context menu in a dynamic chart and make a new selection in the app, you need to refresh the browser for the chart to be displayed again.


Dynamic views
  • Dynamic views that you delete from one app are also deleted from every other app that was using the same view. There is no workaround for this issue. Avoid deleting views that might already be in use by other apps.
  • When you create a new dynamic view in the assets pane, the dropdown menu item does not automatically change to show the charts of the newly created dynamic view if there are any existing dynamic views. You must click on the dropdown menu to choose the newly created view.
  • The data for a dynamic view is automatically refreshed whenever you open a sheet that contains charts for the view. The same happens when you enter and then return from the global selections pane, and when you add a new chart for the view. Refrain from performing these actions on the base app to prevent triggering refreshes.
  • The view of a dynamic chart is cleared and shows a message indicating a view constraint violation whenever you change the selection state of the base app in a way that violates the view's constraints. Refrain from changing the selection state of the base app until it has finished making use of the data in any of the dynamic view charts.
  • The ‘Go to source’ option on a snapshot slide (available on right-click) for a dynamic chart does not select the actual dynamic chart when you change the view to the base app sheet.
  • Changes to chart settings for dynamic view charts using the Exploration menu are lost after refreshing the view.
  • Dynamic views do not support the Trellis extension.


Managing a Qlik Sense site
  • The Edit pane under Custom properties in the Qlik Management Console (QMC) can currently handle a limited number of custom properties. If you want to edit custom property values in the QMC, we recommend keeping the number of custom property values to a maximum of 500. If you want to apply values without modifying them, the QMC can handle up to 10,000 custom property values.
  • When you remove app objects from an application via the QMC interface, deleted objects are not removed from the application’s binary file stored on the file system.
  • It is not possible to use a security rule on the HubSection_* resource to hide the ‘Open hub’ link from the navigation menu when accessing an app as an anonymous user.  
    Workaround: Use reverse proxy to redirect the ‘Open hub’ link to a preferred landing site.
  • Windows service Qlik Engine cannot be started on a node where the Qlik Engine service is disabled through the QMC. Every time Windows restarts for that node, the Qlik Engine service fails to start up and throws an error in Windows event logs. You can prevent this by temporarily disabling the Qlik Engine service in Windows Service Manager.
  • Data connection passwords containing special characters (such as "=", "%", or ";") are not properly encoded when updated via the QMC. This causes authentication errors when trying to connect to specific data sources, which could cause reload tasks to fail.  
    Workaround: Use the data load editor to update the password. Note that once the password is updated, the name of the data connection is automatically appended by "(domain_userId)". You can adjust this later via the QMC.
  • NEW! QB-25096 - QMC Reload Failure Despite Successful Script in Qlik Sense Nov 2023 and above: Qlik has identified a compatibility challenge in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows November 2023 and later releases, which causes unexpected results when using a NetApp as storage. See for details. 


Qlik Sense Desktop
  • Qlik Sense Desktop can play WebM and Ogg but not MP4 files. This is due to limitations in Chromium.


  • REST connector: The ‘Next token’ pagination option does not work when the pagination token has the same value for each page.
  • For connectors in the ODBC Connector Package only the data types listed as supported in the online help have been verified to work correctly in the Preview and Script editor. However, the ODBC Connector Package does not prevent you from loading other data types. In some cases, you can load unsupported data types with the load script.
  • ODBC connector: Database connectors in the ODBC Connector Package do not work properly if the username on the Microsoft Windows system running Qlik Sense Desktop contains letters that are not English alphanumeric characters.
    Workaround: Change the Windows system locale to match the character set that contains the characters used in the username. For example, if the system locale on the system running Qlik Sense Desktop is set to English and a username contains Swedish characters, you must change the system locale to Swedish for the ODBC connector to work properly.
  • The Qlik Salesforce connector does not support PK chunking on sharing objects. PK chunking is only supported on parent objects.
  • The Apache Phoenix connector does not support non-Latin characters in metadata. The connector might return corrupted data or unpredictable query results if you run a query with non-Latin characters in metadata, such as table names, column names, and aliases.


Cloud deployments and Multi-Cloud
  • When you download a pivot table in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, expanded rows are not included but stay collapsed.


Upgrade notes

3rd party library QT has been updated to version 6.5.4.

SHA-384: Upgrading the certificate signing algorithm requires the restart of Qlik Sense services. For a step-by-step instruction, see Upgrading the certificate signing algorithm. If Qlik NPrinting is connected to the Qlik Sense server, certificates must also be exported to the NPrinting deployment and NPrinting services need to be restarted.


System requirements notes

For information about the requirements for Qlik Sense, see System requirements for Qlik Sense in the online help.



Download this release from the Product Downloads page on Qlik Community.


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