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More design based customisation options are desperately needed!

Contributor III
Contributor III

More design based customisation options are desperately needed!

I'd really like to see Qlik do more to support the customisation of apps. As someone who enjoys design and making the apps look presentable, I've found myself frustrated with the lack of options in terms of colour or design of objects.

It's no secret that the default look of Qlik is very basic and not very attractive to the eye. I have had to compensate for this by using many extensions to enable my apps to look more unique. This has been especially important when designing apps for clients and giving the apps a more bespoke design. Yet, extensions are not always the best option, as they tend to be buggy, and updates tend to break them.

I would really love to see Qlik do more to support people with a flair for design and making their apps look more appealing. The white/transparent background gets tiresome quickly, and there are some objects with fixed colours such as orange which you can't even modify, such as the new container feature with an unchangeable white background on tabs with an orange line underneath.

Just by googling "dashboards" you will find a variety of awesome looking dashboards. Unfortunately, at present, Qlik just isn't capable of creating anything close to these in terms of design.

Please incorporate this into a future update, as it is desperately needed!


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The last releases have featured many customization options and there are more to come.

Check also out custom themes, it allows for custom css file, it basically makes it possible to change anything on page :





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