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Provisioning User access in Qliksense Saas

Contributor II
Contributor II

Provisioning User access in Qliksense Saas

We recently converted over to Qliksense Saas using azure AD as our identity provider.

Previsoulsy in Qlikview and Qliksense on premise, we were using LDAP for user identity authentication.

Simultaneously for user access we created Windows AD groups for users that had access to Qlikview/Qliksense

In qliksense you were able to create an connection to LDAP and query specific AD groups to filter down to Qlik users. From that list you could proactively provision and assign a professional or analyzer license within the Qlik console before they connected to Qlik.

In Saas, there is not an option to provision users. Today we have to turn on Entitlements for dynamic assignment of professional and Analyzer users. 

We would like to provision users first and prevent other users for gaining access to the Saas and taking up a license without the proper permissions and associations to the correct AD group.

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Hi @jmaynard I've tried various ways to implement a UDC type experience in SaaS when using Azure AD as the IDP, with limited success. Here is a post where I've tried to do it using App Automations:

Solved: Re: Build a User Directory Connector to create/upd... - Qlik Community - 1877567 

I'll try and pick up the above again, however,  it feels like this should be native functionality. Onboarding users is a core piece of functionality and I'd like to do exactly as you describe...

1) Sync users from a directory (i.e. Azure AD) based on a LDAP query, selected group, or all users

2) Assign those users a professional/analyser/analyser capacity license type

3) Add those users to relevant spaces

Then at that point, ask the user to login, and their first login experience will be the reports/apps/insights they need.


If you compare to how it works in practice... with auto-entitlement turned on, user logs in for the first time, doesn't have access to anything, then needs to ask someone to add them to the spaces. With auto-entitlement off, its even worse......

Contributor II
Contributor II

@Carl_Hunter  Thanks for the confirmation. I agree this should be native functionality. We tried to do this doing a hybrid approach with qliksense on prem paired with SAAS but it wasn't possible based on what we experienced.

Contributor III
Contributor III

hi @jmaynard ,

Not sure if you've seen this yet? I've tried it. The provision works but I can't set a rule to auto assign Entitlement/License type based on User Group (like Professional access rules from on-prem, for example). I still have to do it manually in QMC.

Any advice/update will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, 


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