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Publish Automation to a Space instead of keeping private

Contributor III
Contributor III

Publish Automation to a Space instead of keeping private

as a Qlik admin of a large organization it is very difficult to manage many different automations.

  • We have a team of dedicated Qlik developers who have built amazing Qlik Automations. BUT! it stays in their on personal space.
  • It will make so much more sense if these automations can be published to spaces just like a Qlik app.
  • Currently its extremely frustrating that we can not move or publish an automations.
  • Very difficult to keep track of dev vs prod automations! 

How can an Admin manage Automations created by developers?

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Agree, don't understand how it can be viewed as a production environment with every automation in personal spaces?


Hi there,

When it comes to controlling your environment it would be better to create automations in all spaces. So you can choose to create the automation the managed or shared space.
Priority has the managed space so you can set it up when developing.

Kind regards,