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Qlik Fiddle

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Qlik Fiddle

Hello Folks,


This idea has been doddling around in my head for a while.  In other technologies (SQL, Java, Javascript), they have things called Fiddles which allow for small but significant Proof-Of-Concepts.  These fiddles are often seen in places like Stack Overflow where the creator wants to demonstrate a solution and how it works.  They can also be created by the question askers who simply make a stripped down version of their problem, and then allow others to contribute.


I was wondering if something like a QlikFiddle might have any use to the community.  As it stands today, when working with users from around the world, we have to decipher their problem, and even then, we don't get very much in the way of UI assistance (think set analysis in charts).  To combat that, we toss each other qv(\w{1}) files back and forth and hope for the best.


With a Fiddle system, we could 1, enhance learning as it becomes a low-intensity endeavor to see how people solve problems, and 2, provide better community support because we can build of off existing examples and datasets (similar to the SQL Server AdventureWorks db).  Of course, you don't want people to run businesses using QlikFiddle, so I could see limiting it to only Inline data, 3 Tabs and 2 sheets.  It could also run off the back of Qlik Cloud if possible to avoid having to retrench another infrastructure.


Here are some examples of fiddles:

Create a new fiddle - JSFiddle

CheerpJ - Java Fiddle


More Fiddles!!!

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Good to know something like this exists in other worlds, I think such low cost test environment accessible to all will surely make positive difference for help seekers and providers.

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Would the free Qlik Sense Cloud be a good place to fiddle?


The date on this is far from being new, but it's the first time I'm seeing it. Resounding YES on this. 

Right now we're looking into different solutions we could either integrate directly into or at least link to. Since this was opened many additional services have popped up that not only fiddle, but allow you to fiddle all the way to a hosted application in just a couple of clicks. So this is where I'm doing research right now ton see what service makes sense for us to create these fiddles or integrations which will certainly help accelerate the ramp of using Qlik SaaS.

In the near term we are working on a snippets library that may have static examples to start, but the goal is to move toward something more interactive.


Thank you for the idea!

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Partner - Specialist II

Hey @Jeffrey_Goldberg , 
Do you have any news on this idea?

Many thanks,


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