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Share a bookmark with a defined user or group of users

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Share a bookmark with a defined user or group of users

This is a feature that a lot of users are asking me for, especially the ones that used QlikView and could pick users while sharing bookmarks. There was a reference to this idea as a part of a post by @thkarner, but unfortunately, his idea seems to have been closed due to the other part of it delivered. In this same post, you can find an interesting workaround that can be enhanced - it is to use QS rules and bookmark names in order to define some sharing: Still, we are looking for an out of the box share with specific users capability. Imagine having an app with 500 users and 100 of them start sharing bookmarks - just 1 or 2 from each of them. Following the current concept of having just public and private bookmarks, we easily end up with a useless mess of everyone's bookmarks in one place.

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Thank you for your feedback on ways to improve our product. While this is something we understand would be useful, it's not on the short-term roadmap. Please continue to show your support for this idea.



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Partner Ambassador

With over 36,000 apps in production and 67,088 bookmarks, I can very well echo the need for such a feature.

Many apps have over 500+ published bookmarks, this has become "messy".

We see strong demand for improved features around bookmarks:

- Share bookmarks with group of users (AD Groups or NTNames)

- Search through bookmarks

- Sort bookmarks

- Group bookmarks

- If security rules allow, I should be able to rename/publish/unpublish/change ownership/delete any bookmarks in the app

- Use dynamic formulas within bookmarks



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