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Support Microsoft's Sensitivity Labels option for Excel exports

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Support Microsoft's Sensitivity Labels option for Excel exports

In Qlik, we have, basically, two levels of data protection for Excel export - Export or No Export. There is also the option for companies to impose limits on table sizes, which prevents too many rows being exported, but that is not a very sharp approach.

Microsoft Office supports a number of options for data protection:

One of these is to apply Sensitivity Labels - e.g. "Internal Use Only" - to documents. Labels can be associated with additional actions, such as automatic encryption of documents with the organization's key, so that only internal people can open the document.

My proposal, to support the Data Loss Prevention efforts of an organization, is this:

  1. Allow the Qlik Administrator to specify a default Sensitivity Label to all documents (probably the company's equivalent of "Internal Use Only")
  2. Allow each Stream owner to define a separate default Sensitivity Label. (e.g. "Highly Confidential")
  3. Allow each Application owner to define a separate Sensitivity Label for their app (e.g. "Public")
  4. Allow the organization to define a default tab that will be exported with every single document to contain whatever wording they want to support their Data Loss Prevention efforts.

Should be simple! 🙂


Stephen Redmond

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Interesting idea Stephen.

Could you leverage app tags for this purpose ?

Tags are visible in the monitoring app JSON object which any app script can reference, or could be obtained via API's in an extension. Then you have free reign to use them for all sorts of data privacy or GDPR purposes.

I know custom properties can also be used in stream or app security rules to inhibit exports.

Time to meet in a pub with a whiteboard and ideate more !