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Digital Support
Digital Support

Chat is here to help transform your digital support experience. Within our first launched quarter, we saw:

  • 4,052 chats
  • Closed on average in 20-minutes
  • With 12% solved with automated answers


As we charge forward into 2022, we are improving our ability to get you accurate, immediate answers; both through automation and ramping up our on-call live chat experience.

To improve quality and availability we wanted to share with you the Top 3 improvements to help make chat the first stop in your Support Journey:


1. Enabled Queuing with our Live Chat Agents

  • If all agents are busy, you can enter a queue and wait for the next agent.


2. Ramping Up Agent Staffing and Availability

  • For 24/5 service and solutions at your fingertips


3. Added automated solution flows, beyond common account licensing and download issues, including:

  • Account Creation/Setup
  • Case Management
  • Product & Pricing Help
  • Education Help
  • Installation Help


Stay tuned for future enhancements with continued Live Chat expansion and developing automated product related solutions for compatibility issue.



We look forward to chatting with you!

Qlik Digital Support