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Digital Support
Digital Support

Twitter has changed the structure for the available API access levels and removed broader access to analytics via Twitter API v1.1. Due to this change, the Qlik Sense connector for Twitter has recently stopped working. The Twitter API v2 is now required, but the current Qlik connector only supports API v1.1.

Additionally, Qlik has managed a common Twitter App for all users’ authentications, which with this change can no longer be used to support the requests made via the connector.

Qlik will introduce a new connector against the Twitter API v2. This new connector will support customer-managed Twitter Apps, allowing you to acquire the API access level specific to your needs and access the analytics data with your own account. Consequently, there will be no API access provided by Qlik.

Unfortunately, this means that the current connector for Twitter will be deprecated, and it will be removed from Qlik Cloud Analytics. It will also be removed from Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows in the August 2023 release and the standalone Qlik Web Connectors package in December 2023.

The new connector for Twitter is targeted to be introduced in Qlik Sense in Q4 2023. The current connection definitions will then need to be recreated, and any Qlik load script currently used will have to be adjusted for the new connector.

You can find detailed information about the Twitter access levels and versions in the Getting started page in the Twitter developer portal. There is also a Step-by-step guide to making your first request to the new Twitter API v2, which explains how to manage and create a Project and connect an App within your Twitter account.


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