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Digital Support
Digital Support

We are pleased to announce new capacity model pricing for Qlik Analytics. The new pricing model is an extension of the capacity functionality we introduced earlier this year for data integration. 

We believe this pricing model aligns with modern customer expectations and will:  

  • Provide more predictability as you plan deployments 
  • Make it easier to take advantage of available capabilities in Qlik Cloud 
  • Give more flexibility to organizations wanting to expand analytics usage 


Today, we offer three capacity pricing tiers: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. 

You can find additional details on our website Qlik Cloud® Analytics Plans & Pricing 

With the Qlik Cloud capacity model, the primary value meter is Data for Analysis or Data Moved, except for Qlik Cloud Analytics Standard where Full Users is the value meter. 

See in detail what it means here: Subscription value meters 

Additionally, we understand the importance of Qlik Cloud administrators to monitor their tenants' data consumption. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce:  

  • A monitoring dashboard

    Located in the home pane of the Management Console, this overview provides a summary of user allocations, data capacity consumption, reports, and other capacity-based resources to understand your usage.  

    Capacity Consumption Overview.png

  • A specialized Qlik Sense Application

    For more in-depth analysis, a detailed consumption report is delivered in a Qlik Sense Application allowing you to further understand how your organization uses Qlik Cloud.

    For more information on how to deploy the report, please see our Qlik Help for details: Monitoring usage with detailed consumption reports.

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