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The Support Updates blog delivers important and useful Qlik Support information about end-of-product support, new service releases, and general support topics.

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Digital Support
Digital Support

The Qlik Repustate connector uses the Repustate API to fetch sentiment analytics for your textual data, such as tweets, messages, or comments. The Repustate connector also lets you classify blocks of text and label parts of speech.

As Sprout Social has acquired Repustate in early 2023, the Repustate products and services are being rebuilt into Sprout’s unified social media management suite. The Repustate services are retired after March 31,2023. Users will not have access past this date. 

The Qlik Sense Repustate Connector cannot be used to access Sprout analytics or insights, and the Qlik Repustate Connector will be deprecated.

The connector will be removed:

  • from Qlik Cloud in April 2023 and
  • the standalone Qlik Web Connector release targeted for June 2023

There are no immediate plans to add a Qlik connector for Sprout social data.