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Digital Support
Digital Support

Beginning October 4, all Qlik users will be able to log support cases directly through Qlik Community.  

With Support embedded seamlessly within Qlik Community, now all your Qlik solution resources can be found in one place. This move comes with a new chat bot for instant answers, seamless access to thousands of articles, and interactive support webinars.  

Key items to note: 

  • Your Qlik Community login details will be the same as your prior Support Portal login on If this is your first time logging a case, you’ll need to login with your business email address. Your Qlik account acts as a single sign on. 


  • Open cases will move as well, but previously closed cases will no longer be visible.  


  • On Sunday October 3case creation will be intermittently unavailable. Our agents will be available via our chat feature, or at our call numbers for severity level 0-1 concerns.


  • Licensing & Downloads will still be available on Updated instructions can be found here. You can also navigate to this page by hovering over our Case Portal in our Support Ribbon and clicking "License Information"



We’ll be here for you for all your support needs. As we approach the new portal launch, we will share a step-by-step guide for case creation accompanied by an introductory video.  

Hit subscribe to this blog on the top right to stay up to date with the latest support announcements.  

If you have additional questions, check out our guided FAQ, or reply in the comments below.  

Thank you,  

Qlik Digital Support 


Thank you for the heads up.

I assume the features and privacy in this new section will be different than in the rest of the community.  I look forwards to see the new portal. 

Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

We have currently 606 closed cases which we as partners often have to go back to. Clients raise issues which were discussed in old cases and quick browse helps to find them. 

How are we going to be able to get access to closed cases as partners. Are we going to say to "the agent" that "I think we had similar case in the past" and ask support agent to browse our old cases to find this out? 

Wiping out whole support history from our access seems like sweeping under the carpet to me. I will keep an eye on this and lets see how it goes. 

so the takeaways fro this to me are:

  • Idea about moving support to community - it does not bother me at all, I dont really care from which URL address I log the ticket. There is no such thing like integration really as support cases still must be closed and visible only to people logging it
    • one more comment on that - as partners we were able to add more our consultants who were able to observe the case (in case someone goes on leave or leaves company). It better works like that in new setup as well.
  • Fact that we loose direct access to 606 closed cases bothers me very much. 

that is my 5 cents...



I agree with all concerns raised here about not being able to view closed cases.  Closed cases are gold mine of data to find solution for repeating old issues without spending lot of time over and over again trying to troubleshoot the issue.  Please keep our ability to access closed cases intact.  What Qlik has to gain by not making old closed cases available? 

Contributor III
Contributor III

Big Concerns:

  • Privacy - we need to ensure our cases are only visible to our corporate users.  How can we validate that when the usernames are not the email addresses?
  • Open cases - all info need to be moved including attachments.  Once the old case system is removed, all that info will be gone forever.  At least it should be kept in Salesforce forever if it can't be moved so it can be accessed by Qlik.
  • Closed cases - want these migrated to the new portal!  This is an important resource for searches, finding auto-closed cases, etc.


Contributor III
Contributor III

I second the opinions mentioned above by multiple users.

This is the 3rd support cases migration we are seeing from Attunity/Qlik in the past 2 years and the last couple of migrations were not smooth as we lost context of the current cases along with the history.

My concerns are:

- Losing context history, attachments on our existing open cases which is very bad

- Losing closed cases history, as every once in a while we see regressions of prior issues which were closed and having the old context helps

How can you ensure that customers like us don't lose anything from this migration?


I also agree with the many members who have expressed concern at losing the history of closed cases.  It will be of no use to have us ask "the agent" to wade thru all old cases when we would have to have them try multiple search keywords.  There mus be a way to migrate a portion of the closed ticket info - perhaps the ticket numbers, dates and relevant comments between agents & submitter - at least that would allow us to search the contents ourselves and THEN if we need an attachment or some other information that was with the ticket - we could provide the agent a specific ticket to look at.

This would actually be beneficial to qlik in the following ways:

it would allow us to not take up the agent's time surfing around in our old ticket content looking for a needle in a haystack.

we will be the first to report if a prior fixed issue was regressed into a newer release.  Without the context of our old tickets, that won't be possible.

sometimes qlik had asked me to close cases without a resolution stating "you can always re-open the case if the issue happens again" ... well ... if I had known I would lose the ticket at some point because it was closed (unresolved) then I would have kept it open.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Echoing everyone else's thoughts - losing case history is a massive concern as it serves as a knowledge base for us. There must be a way to either preserve or export case history. otherwise it will be an issue. 

Digital Support
Digital Support

Thank you all for your responses and feedback to our big Community Support Portal move on October 4th.

We've heard your feedback and want to ensure everyone that we are working on a process for you to request closed case data. On Thursday's blog post, 9/30/21, we will be sharing the process and a step by step Knowledge article and template for submitting these requests. 

We'd also like to emphasize that any case closed after October 4th will automatically be visible in your organization's case portal. We appreciate your patience during this time!

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

"Unfortunately, due to differences in the data model between the old and new platforms, we are not able to migrate closed cases. "

Sounds like something we do every day with ease, thanks to the amazing Qlik software.
If that is the only reason:
Please contact our sales team if you want to hire our consultants to do it for you.   😂

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

The current/old support system still has the Salesforce back end, I guess?