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Digital Support

Q&A with Qlik is hosting its next Developer Session. Our developer advocate "Techsperts" will be on the line to answer your questions regarding our 3 open-source libraries!

Q&A with Qlik is Support's live "office hours" webinar, where you can come ask our Techsperts your Qlik questions and get answers in real-time.

We're diving even deeper with our developer series to explore some of the featured APIs and tools that'll help you be successful in leveraging the Qlik platform.


On Tuesday, March 29th, we're covering: "What's the diff: Nebula, Picasso, and Enigma?"

Qlik currently offers three open-source libraries – Nebula, Picasso and Enigma.js to help developers communicate with Qlik Engine and integrate visualizations & mashups on top of it. In this session, you will learn what specific purpose each of these libraries serve, how they differ and how it can accelerate your Embedded Analytics journey.

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We can't wait to see you there, 

Qlik Support