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    Need an Expression for Full Accumulation/Cumulative in a Pivot table

      I have a Table with a Cost Type Column containing: Obligated, Actual's and Projected across a Month Dimension ranging from Jan-2012 into Feb-2013 a rolling calendar so YTD wont be useful. I just need a 'simple' Cumulative running total based off my set analysis sample below.


      I need get have a Cumulative summation from Cost type Obligated & Actual.  See Image below for ref.

      The problem is Full accumulation only works in a Chart not a table. I'm new at this so I need a good starting point.


      My Measure is : Amount


      The Expression I use to display the Obligated Columns is: Sum({$<[Cost Type]={"Obligated*"}>}Amount)

      This works fine. But if I want to compare my Actuals against my Obligated Funds which may not be in that Month then its shows I ran out of Funds even though they were allocated in Months past. The end goal is to color code the areas were the Cumulative is < less than the Cumulative Actual's for that month then flag it red.


      Cumulative Obligated < Cumulative Actual's Then make Color background Red.




      Thank you for any assistance rendered.