Qlik Sense Desktop - Create your first App (video)

    Welcome to this short introductory exercise designed to quickly make you familiar with Qlik Sense Desktop. This exercise intends to introduce you to the core concepts that will enable you to quickly create Qlik Sense apps. Please note that this exercise does not focus on data modeling, visual design and application best practices or the story telling and interface features. Those topics and more are covered in other materials.


    Note: The document available in the attachment provides you with 2 instructional formats to accommodate both learning styles when creating a new Qlik Sense app. (1) format (Quick Steps) consists of ONLY action steps while the other format provides detailed screen shots, action steps and contextual information.


    Let’s get started!


    The attachment in this page contains a scripted tutorial and the files needed to follow along with the video and script.


    • Extract .zip file to temporary location
    • Copy Sales Report.qvf to <drive>:\Users\<user>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps
    • Copy SalesChart.png to <drive>:\Users\<user>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Content\Default
    • Create the directory C:\QlikSense\data (or equivalent)
    • Copy gettingstarteddata.xls to C:\QlikSense\data (or equivalent)
    • Review GettingStartedQlikSenseDesktop.pdf if you want a guided document to help you follow along