Qlik Sense Platform - Token Licensing and Assigning Access Passes (video)

    This video briefly presents Sense Token Licensing and Access Pass allocation. It also walks you through the process to allocate two types of access passes within the Sense platform environment.


    Allocating Access Passes Information Guide


    Here is a simple scenario to understand the parameters associated with the allocation of a Login Pass Group:


    • When you login in for the first time as a user allocated with a Login Pass
      – the
      session time starts counting down -60 mins and counting
    • You can login in as many times as you want (with up to 5 devices) within those 60 mins
      before another Login Pass is consumed
    • If you logout of the session, the 60 min countdown is STILL running, it does not stop
    • If my session times-out after the default session timeout limit (30 mins), the Login Pass countdown is still running
    • If you login in again at 61 mins (new session) or stay in after 60 mins (same session) – another Login Pass will be used
    • The previously used Login Pass will renew and be available after 28 days


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