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Community Manager
Community Manager

Learn more about the August enhancments for Qlik Community.

Hello Qlik Community!

It was time for a change - time to modernize and simplify. We are so excited and proud of the updates pushed out today to give Qlik Community a fresh look!

There are so many changes to share. So, sit back, relax, and grab a beverage of choice. This is going to be a long blog 😊


Sticky Navigation

The navigation will stay in place when you’re scrolling down the page.



Simplified banner with personalization

The banner went is now a solid color with two focal points: a welcome message that differs on whether you are logged in or not and the search bar.

We received feedback that the search bar blended too much with the background and agreed! It is now a prominent feature on the banner. We also rounded the edges to give it a modern feel. What do you think?

When not logged in, you will see ‘Welcome to Qlik Community! But when logged in (and we hope you are!), the message changes to ‘Hi, <username>’. Personalization has been on our radar for some time now and we are so happy it is finally live!



Announcement banner

The announcement banner went from Qlik purple to Qlik gray. Yes, the purple was more prominent, but it did not allow us to customize announcements. We were very limited in the colors that we could use. A gray banner will allow us to use different colors to call out the exciting things happening at Qlik.



New Homepage layout

Discussions are now at the top! You can keep track and of what your peers are asking and be a part of the conversation more easily!



The previous 3 cards and carousel have been condensed to one carousel on the right. Use this area to get started on Qlik Community and view upcoming events!



In lieu of the homepage cards, we added the Resources link back in the top left.



Updated Leaderboard

‘Leaderboard’ is now ‘Weekly Leaderboard’ because that is what it is! A kudo-based weekly leaderboard that gives everyone the opportunity to shine! Check it regularly to see if you make the Top 5! And who knows, you might one day end up as Sue’s Featured Member because of it 😉



Hear from our Customers

Read more about how our customers have been successful with Qlik! 


Are you a Qlik customer and interested in sharing your story? Send your submission to, if selected, the team will get back to you.


I think that’s it for the Homepage. Now on to the rest!


Landing pages

The banner on the landing pages for forums, groups, Support, Ideation, Qlik Gallery, blogs, events, programs under Learn and the Partner area are the same color as the homepage. We kept the existing images and they really pop now!



Refreshing banner descriptions

We are updating the banner descriptions throughout Qlik Community to explain the area simply and concisely.


Post pages

We went the opposite with posts – we removed the top banner completely. It took up too much space and now it looks really crisp. Removing the banner will also help improve SEO by allowing your posts to be indexed properly. This will result in more relevant search results. This is a change for all types of posts: forum, release notes, support articles, etc.


I’ll also add that when you’re create a new post, you will still see the landing page banner. However, when you’re editing your post, it will look like the post page.

I’m interested in your thoughts about this change specifically. Are the post pages too simple or different? Do we need to add a slim banner back without any text? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Removed Ideation Breadcrumbs

The Ideation area has had a huge overhaul over the past few months. We removed the breadcrumbs from this area to lessen confusion.


New Featured Member Badge

 Featured Members will receive a new badge along with their Community shoutout! This badge has been awarded retroactively as well.

featured member.png

WOW! That is so much change at one time! It’s one of our biggest updates since redesigning the navigation.

Accessibility has been top of mind with the redesign and we tried to make the color choices as accessible as possible. While most areas of change will meet or exceed WCAG compliance ratios for color contrast, some might be a tad below that ratio. We will continue to work on this as Qlik Community is for everyone.  

Change can be hard. But we hope you enjoy these changes as much as we do. Please let us know any feedback in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Your Admins,

@Melissa_Potvin @Sue_Macaluso @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa 

Creator II
Creator II

Great job!

The new interface looks great!


I am very much enjoying these changes. Things look better and are easier to use as well.

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Hi @Jamie_Gregory, the new page is great because it's easier to understand, but i think they should add a section where qlik updates appear.

I know this information is posted on youtube or SaaS notifications, but posting it to the qlik community would be an added benefit because it would allow us to share with our networks directly from this page and provide feedback that can help improve the tool.

Like a blog style where you have the title of the update, the detail with a short and understandable video, referential tags and date of update. It should be sorted from recent to old updates, also a part where you can filter by name or date.

It is a suggestion that would contribute to the community.



Just chiming in with an additional thought - any chance of getting the Blogs page into a similar structure as those that were recently changed? It still doesn't show any actual posts until you scroll down due to a combination of a large banner, the search bar and its associated space, and three huge subsection images.



Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

looks great, nice change

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you @Zapparoli! We are glad you like it!


Hi @cristianj23a! Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate it! Are you referring to the product updates in SaaS? Or Community updates? I am happy to take the feedback to the team and see if we can incorporate or call attention to it.

@Or Great idea! I will see what we can do. 

@MartW Thank you!

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Exactly @Jamie_Gregory , not just the Saas, it would be any update that the Qlik tool has, including Replicate, Nprinting, etc.

Other BI tools do that and allow users to be very aware of the updates they have and even share it in their networks.
These actions help the tool to send a message that it is always constantly updated and improved.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@cristianj23a Thank you for the explanation! I will take this back to the team.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to these blogs (if you're not already) for some product updates: 

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

@Jamie_Gregory thanks!



Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

G'day @Jamie_Gregory,

I really like the new layout. It has all the important features in places where they are easy to reach and there are no unimportant large images competing for my attention and wasting screen real estate.

I was quite vocal about my dislike of the last set of changes, so thank you for listening. This layout gives me the comfort that Qlik understands how to optimally present information for the benefit of the users - that's what we're all about here, isn't it. 🙂

Thanks again, Barnaby.