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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Community Members, 

While we continue to make improvements in the Qlik Community we want to be sure to keep you informed of all the updates being made. Some of these updates were suggestions from our very own community members. We are pleased to inform you that for the month of April you will notice the following changes:

1. Interacting with Content from the Comunity Home Page and Product Forums 

From the  Community Home Page content feed and the Product Forum feeds, you can now interact with the content without opening the full post. From here you can expand the post to "Show More", you can "Like" a piece of content and even post a "Quick Reply". 

April Blog 1.jpg


2. Moderator Component Added to Forum Category Pages

You will notice that all the Product Forums now have Moderators(s) listed on the right side of the navigation. These are your go-to people if you need help within that product forum. 



3. Ability to "Like" a Comment on a Document 

If you are looking at a piece of documentation that has comments, you can now "Like" the comment that was made by a community member. 


  4. Enhanced Message Editing and Posting Experience

Toolbars across all discussion styles are now consistent and have the same controls.  It includes many more options catering to all messaging styles. Each toolbar has been optimized according to each discussion style. 


  5. Community Browser Updated

The community browser section now only displays the context around where you are in the community, instead of the full structure. For example, if you are in Qlik Sense it will only display Qlik Sense. 

April blog 7.png


 6. Added a Home Page Quick Start Component

You will notice on the right side of the Qlik Community Home Page a new image that is linked to the Getting Started guide. 



That's a wrap. Feel free to comment on these updates.  We are now busy working on enhancements for May. 

All the Best, 

Sue and the Qlik Community Team

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