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Community Manager
Community Manager

Read on to learn more about the January 2024 enhancements for Qlik Community.

Hello Qlik Community!

Happy Tuesday (or as we have been calling it – Rebranding Day)! It’s a transformative day at Qlik, and we hope you will take a look at the blog our CEO, Mike Capone, posted this morning regarding this initiative.

That brings us to this month's enhancements.

Logo, Colors and Buttons, Oh My!

For Qlik Community, you will see the new Qlik logo, updated coloring on banners, buttons, accepted solutions, etc, along with rounded buttons. Who knew such simple changes could modernize and make a page look so fresh? We are in love with the new changes and hope you enjoy it as well!


More branding updates will be coming soon but let us know what you think of the new changes in the comments below! We are excited to hear your feedback.


Navigation Dividers

The navigation now has dividers to break up the columns.



Clean, Crisp, Mobile Header

The mobile header is looking so crisp! You will only see the new logo, messages, notifications and your avatar.



The three links on the Desktop site -, Qlik Help and Resources – have moved to the hamburger menu.


The ‘Ask a Question’ button is now at the bottom of the page wherever your mobile journey takes you.


As you can tell, it's been a very busy start to the new year. Stay tuned for some new updates next week - we have some VERY exciting changes coming! 

You Qlik Community Admins,

Melissa, Sue, Jamie and Nicole

@Melissa_Potvin @Sue_Macaluso @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa