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In today's blog and video, Qlik Solution Architect Tomilayo Komolafe (Tomi) is back providing real in-the-trenches solutions to real customer problems.  

  • How does one do analysis with multiple date fields?

Here is the scenario:

  • Customer had multiple date fields
  • One primary key is related to multiple date fields

I was recently working with a prospect in the quality assurance (QA) space. The customer had an interesting problem on his hands. Whenever a QA event arises in his team, a QA number is generated. However, each QA #, at some point, would have a Date Identified, Date Initiated, Date of Occurrence, and Date Closed field. He was stumped on how to perform analysis on his data with these multiple date fields. For example, if he wanted to know how many events were Identified, Occurred, and Closed, in August 2020, how could he do this? He knew he would need some arbitrary master calendar that connects all these date fields together. (For a great explainer video on Master Calendar - check out this video from my colleague Mike Tarallo . It is slightly older but still valid in this scenario and explains the Master Calendar concept in an easy to understand manner. )

NOW....that’s not all, my customer still needed a way to relate all the four date field types to the master calendar. We resolved his problem using Link Tables and my video below goes through how this can be implemented. In this example, I am playing the role of a retailer, think of Amazon, whom for any order generated with some Order ID number, there would be multiple dates related to this order. The dates here are OrderDate, InvoiceDate, ShippedDate, and ArrivalDate. Watch how easy Qlik makes analyzing this data set easy. 

Watch this video to learn more and see how we solved it:

Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your region or organization? Download the .mp4 files to watch on your computer or mobile device.

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