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Let’s face it, having all the visualizations available for Qlik in a single app is a task that is set to failure from the start. Qlik Sense offers dozens of charts out of the box, each one of those comes with several features and customization options that creates a matrix of hundreds of possible outputs. Still today, we sporadically find new and smart ideas to represent data with the good old bar chart in a completely new way.

So, when we started this project, we knew already that it would be forever an incomplete piece. We knew it would only show a fraction of the possible ways of using Qlik Sense Charts, but even though we decided that it was important to showcase some of the Qlik Sense offering around data visualization.

For this project we handpicked some of the new visualizations such as the Org Chart or the Grid Chart, and those that have been massively improved recently as the Line Chart with the new line chart styling.

When working on a Qlik Sense app I believe the theme makes an big difference for it to be successful, with the right theme in place we can make sure the data has the relevance it deserves.

For the Visualization Showcase app I created a theme that focus on the charts removing some of focus from other elements such as the description text. Text and descriptions are important, but in this particular app they are secondary to the more powerful story that each chart has to tell. To achieve this effect, this theme wraps each one of the charts within a container while the text elements land flat in the background. We intentionally guide users to the "highlighted" objects in the screen where they can interact with our glorious charts.





The app contains 23 sheets with examples on how to use any of the showcased charts, some of the chart pages contain multiple variations of a chart, including:

  • New Visualizations
    • Sankey Chart
    • Mekko Chart
    • Variance Waterfall Chart
    • Radar Chart
    • Funnel Chart
    • Network Chart
    • Org Chart
    • Word Cloud
    • Bullet Chart
    • P&L Pivot Table
    • Heatmap Box Plot
    • Grid Chart
  • Visualization Improvements
    • Trellis Chart
    • Sparkline
    • Trend Lines and Indicators
    • Accumulations & Modifiers
    • Video Player
    • Bar Chart Improvements
    • Line Chart Styling
    • Pie Chart Styling
    • Table Improvements
    • Multi KPI
    • Mapping & GeoAnalytics



Keep in mind that we will continue to update the app with new and exciting ways of visualizing data. It would never be complete, but we will do our best.

Check the Visualization Showcase here

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