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Qlik Gallery is meant to encourage Qlikkies everywhere to share their progress – from a first Qlik app – to a favorite Qlik app – and everything in-between. There’s pride in every project no matter where you are in your Qlik journey.
Gillian Farquhar-Head, Global Customer Marketing

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Inphinity - HR Team Management.jpg


You can download the HR Team Management application for FREEInphinity Universe.

If you are looking for a quick walk-through, here it is: https://youtu.be/eT3QtmbQU5k

If you'd like to know more, let us know



Maria (Sandorova) Oreska


ATP/WTA Latest app (Abridged data - since 2013).

In order to get the full data set, load from RAW source, then use dropdown on front page to switch to "final data model".

Creator III
Creator III

... it seems it's not population per se, but more the CO2 per capita of any given country/society that affects the global CO2 picture. Attached app is using a combination of Oxford University Martin School data and UN data.

Video explaining the app logic and "argumentation" of the hypothesis posited HERE .

Creator III
Creator III

I have made a QlikView application to read Arabic & English Quran, The people who often read Quran , will enjoy reading through QlikView application.

1. Read Arabic Quran
2. Read English Translation & Transliteration
3. Compare different translations.
4. Searching Arabic word.
5. Searching Arabic Root word.
6. Writing personal notes on each verse.

Let me know, if any one have suggestions.

Long Time Ago, in 2009 I built this application and uploaded in Qlik Community. I think it was Qlik V9 during that time. After the Qlik Community upgrade , my upload got lost but my post is still there as below. Some how I found the file and re-uploaded.







Abdul Khalique

Contributor II
Contributor II

Meritor - Geo Map - Human Body.jpg


QLIK - Job History Dashboard.jpg

Download the latest version from GitHub:


*The blend is a json file you can upload to your SaaS tenant in Blendr (Qlik's application integration platform) to fetch all your customers data and send it to a file storage like Amazon S3 or Dropbox.

I hope you find this monitoring solution useful.


Qlik-Gallery-Snowflake App.jpg

Download the latest and greatest version of the application from GitHub here:  https://github.com/Qlik-PE/Snowflake-Usage-Analysis-Dashboard



The idea here is to built bespoke pictorial charts using Qlik Sense Map visualization component. inspired by  Patric Nordstrom's post on building  "Image to Map", I wanted to explore this area of bespoke visualization building process. 

Patric has demonstrated the whole process of building a pictorial visualization from transforming an image to Qlik sense visualization. in my experiment i have used some basic tools like ms-office / paint & Potrace

all of these steps are detailed in the attached documents. it was a fun experience building this app and i have learnt a lot in the space of map, polygonizing, vectorizing, etc. 

The app, i have built is a cricket wagon wheel, where an individual can analyze his scoring patterns, his strong and weak scoring areas etc. As we all know that wagon wheel as a visualization does not exist in QlikSense, i have built this visualization using image to map technique, refer to the build app and documentation below. 

Again, the app is a simple app, no fancy set analysis, coding and scripting. hope you will like this concept. i believe this image to map concept will unlock a whole new potential of visualization. imagine building bespoke visualization for your needs, it can show you the data, interact and help you drill down. this will leverage the visual experience of the users and make it more user friendly. 

Creator II
Creator II


Want to share with you an Fun Game app, which i built for an small team event. hope all of you have heard about Lotto / Housie / Bingo. Yeah i built an app which can help you run this game. No rocket science involved it was a fun app and fun to build as well. 

i was looking at several options to host this game show and i suddenly an idea struck me, why not use QlikSense and build an app to present this game !!!! and then in just matter of couple of hours i was able to build this app. Its a simple app made to 

1. Draw random numbers between 0-99

2. Display these random numbers on a list and highlight them.

3. You load Lotto / Housie / Bingo tickets and identify the winners 

I have used couple of extensions to ease the usage. 

Link: https://developer.qlik.com/garden/56728f52d1e497241ae69836

i would like to share this app with all of you, it was a nice experience building it and this has inspired me to build another app where we can host Quiz with multiple options. i will share the details in another post !!!

Let me know your feedback on this !!! 

P.S. This is my first post.... 🙂 

Creator II
Creator II
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Sue_Macaluso Community Manager