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Recent Apps

This app shows the equipment performances (availability, performance, quality) of an underground mine. It shows the status of tasks sent to equipments and operators.

-Task Status



-Gantt Chart

gallery image.jpg


Contributor II
Contributor II

This app shows a use case using the TIM Forecasting SSE. The use case features bicycle sharing dataset from Kaggle and shows how to use the SSE to forecast the amount of users of the bicycle sharing service. Apart from the actual forecast, the SSE also gives insight into the model used for forecasting. It shows the importance of the included variables, as well as which transformations and interactions are used in calculating the forecast.

Tangent Works - TIM Forecasting.JPG

Anyone who's interested in following along to this example, or looking at it in more detail, can do so starting at this link.

Contributor II
Contributor II

For each customer a unique customized dashboard!
The secret is a "user experience" that I call "immersive"
where KPIs and functionality create a true
"self service discovery analysis"
by stimulating future observation ...
* Do you want to Train quickly and effectively?
* Do you need targeted support?
* Do you want to use a ready-made QView Template?
* Do you want to migrate QView apps to QSense quickly?
* Want to adopt a framework to speed up developments?

The MAIN projects with my UI/UX framework





The main project...


New Function of my own QLIK Framework...
My new Dashboard to simultaneously explore all the information available ... Apps, Connections, Filters, Rules, Conditions, Reports, Users, Scheduling and more...

 The Dashboard in action







This is an app I built to visualize the data from my FitBit.

Jim Vaughan - FitBit Dashboard.jpeg

Contributor II
Contributor II
Contributor II
Contributor II


In order to focus and plan our strategies more adequately, we need to follow-up the actual originating states/nationalities of our guests. We measure the actual room nights and reservation status in a simple table, then visualize the origin state with a donut and the revenue with a simple chart. If necessary, we can dig deeper on city level as well.

Contributor II
Contributor II

As the winner of the datathon, I wanted to share the ideas of the app and the information I learned. Hope you will enjoy it !

Gallery DatathonQlik - Challenge 2.jpg


Contributor II
Contributor II
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Melissa_Potvin Community Manager
Carolyn_Davis Employee