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Fixed Items and New Features List

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Community Manager

Fixed Items and New Features List

Last Update:

Mar 8, 2019 1:03:54 PM

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Nov 23, 2018 2:27:21 PM

Immediately post migration  many fixes have already been applied and new features have been added.   This is a living document and will continue to be updated.

 Nov 2018 Labels Clicking on a label in the labels component in the right nav will now filter to only show items with that label
 Nov 2018 Replies Quick Fix to enable indenting for replies
 Nov 2018 Discussion Boards Quick Reply added as Option to Discussion Boards 
 Nov 2018 Admin Batch Processing turned on for those with Advanced Permissions
 Nov 2018 Admin email Templates updated with new header/footer
 Nov 2018 Admin increase session timeout to 24 hours
 Nov 2018 Events and Meetups added "Join a Qlik Meetup" button
Nov 2018  Blogs When uploading a Blog cover photo, this now displays next to the post instead of the Qlik logo
 Nov 2018 Blogs Fixed Breadcrumb on blogs, so that it takes you to Blog Main page not home page
 Nov 2018 Groups Ability to post a question
 Nov 2018 Groups Epic Developers group moved to Industry Group category
 Nov 2018 Category Pages cards for "discussions" and "documents" now opens to new tab
 Nov 2018 Category Pages changed "Featured Discussion" to "Featured Content"
 Nov 2018 Category Pages added filtering/sorting 
 Nov 2018 Inbox Made title of inbox message more obvious that it is a clickable link
 Nov 2018 Posts Line breaks in posts more sticky
Nov 2018 Left Nav renamed "Community Help" forum to "About Qlik Community" and moved lower on nav menu.  2 boards beneath also renamed. 
Nov 2018         Category Pages  Says "Featured Content" instead of "Featured Discussions" since the landing page may display both featured discussions AND documents
Nov 2018   Discussion Boards Labels reduced from 15 to 10 so as to enable more real estate for other items
Nov 2018   Documents "Save" button modified to "Save as Draft"
Nov 2018   Discussion Boards Top Participants displaying 5 members instead of 1 and is now specific to that product category vs. full community   
Nov 2018 Files  added in ability to attach *.QVW, *QVF, *QVD files
Nov 2018 Blogs reordered Blog tiles on Blog Category Page
Nov 2018 Dicussions and Documents increased character limit for posts globally to 100,000
Dec 2018 Sitemap count no longer including hidden boards
Dec 2018 Global Change  ability to add announcements to Top of Category Pages and Discussion Boards
Dec 2018 Global Change  3 dots "options" more visible with border
Dec 2018 Global Change 'Featured' Card redesigned to be smaller and also may be closed utilizing X at top right. This will allow members to shift discussion content upward
Dec 2018 Discussion Boards Gave ability to sort and filter on all Discussion boards
Dec 2018 Global Change  secondary new 'featured' area may appear on bottom of some pages, members may close if so desired
Dec 2018 Global Change You will now see a 'moderator' widget on all category pages. 
Jan 2019 Blogs Fixed breadcrumbs on blogs so it directs to blog category home page not community home page
Jan 2019 Category Pages Featured Posts - limit was set to 3.  Now there is no limit with scrolling
Jan 2019 Events Events also featured on Product Category pages,  as needed
Jan 2019 Groups Changed reference from 'User Groups' to 'Groups'
Jan 2019 Global Change Changed 'Qlik Product Boards' to 'Qlik Product Forums'
Feb 2019 Blogs

- Action Button, 'Create an Article' relabeled to "Create a Blog Post'
- A subscribe action button has been added to blog category pages
- A Blog Tile added to category pages(next to Discussion and Document Tiles) for Academic, Education, Support and About Qlik Community

-Blog Image. If no image provided, default image is used consistent with Images on Blog Category page

Feb 2019 Document Boards -Action Button "Share a Resource" relabeled to "Create a Document"
-Request to choose a document template has been removed
Feb 2019 Home Page

-Thousands comma added to stats on home page
-Added filter and sort options to Home Page

Feb 2019 Groups Updated button text from "Post a Question" to "Create a Post"
Feb 2019 Home Page On Home page, under "recent discussions" you have numerous options to sort and filter and also specify a specific board (forum).  This allows you to see all discussions throughout the entire community or drill into a specific area
Feb 2019 Global Change Call out to drive "subscription" functionality you will see a "subscribe for updates" in red next to the "subscribe" button
March 2019 Documents

Sorting and Filtering on Document Boards

March 2019 Events

Separation of Events/Webinars from Meetup Content.  Events are more prominently displayed on left nav.  Members can subscribe to events page

March 2019 Global Change

Labels and Tags are now visible on both Category Page and boards (discussion boards and document boards)

March 2019 Global Change

Members can now subscribe to Labels



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