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Qlik NPrinting and Qlik Sense Object Support and Limitations

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Qlik NPrinting and Qlik Sense Object Support and Limitations

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Jul 10, 2023 5:06:02 AM

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Aug 31, 2017 4:37:49 PM

In this Article: Qlik NPrinting and Qlik Sense Object Support and Limitations

  • Requirements
  • Limitations
  • Workarounds
  • Best Practices






Qlik Sense Native Object and Bundle Limitations with NPrinting:

NPrinting Qlik Sense Connection limitations:

  • Always one selected value for fields
  • Calculated dimensions
  • Drill-down dimensions
  • Alternate states
  • Sheet Actions (introduced in Qlik Sense April 2020 and previously called Sheet Triggers)
Note: Non-certified Qlik Sense extensions. 
3rd party custom visualizations are not supported such as those found on GITHUB.


Working around unsupported items:

In many cases, you will need to maintain the user experience.

  • Therefore, we recommend to make a copy of the original QVF and
  • Remove these items below from the Qlik Sense app (.qvf) copy
  • For NP reporting purposes, use the copied QVF (with unsupported items removed) with NP Connections

Note: NPrinting connection 'verification' does not check for unsupported items.

Other considerations:

Best practices to consider:

  • Invalid or incomplete measures/forumlas in Qlik Sense sheets - private or public - that contain invalid or incomplete measures/formulas should be repaired or removed. Errors may occur in the NPrinting connection and or report generation if not repaired.
  • Keep your expressions up-to-date
  • Use a dedicated QS app for reporting purposes
  • Remove private sheets from published apps
  • Ensure the above unsupported items and limitations are addressed/removed
  • Avoid extending Qlik Sense sheets used with NPrinting Reports. Use the default sheet dimensions only.

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