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Replicate - Generate a log.key file manually

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Replicate - Generate a log.key file manually

When working with Qlik Replicate, log.key file(s) are used for Decrypt Qlik Replicate Verbose Task Log Files , the log.key file can be re-created by restarting tasks, or restarting Replicate services if the log.key file is missed/deleted. However sometimes we need the file creation prior to the first time task run eg

(1) Set proper file protection manually by DBA

(2) Task movement among different environment eg UAT and PROD

(3) In rare cases the file auto-creation failed due to some reasons

This article provide some methods to generate file "log.key" manually.


  • Qlik Replicate      Version 2021.11 and later


There are several methods to get a "log.key" file manually.

1.  Copy an existing "log.key" file from UAT/TEST task folder;

      It's better to make sure the "log.key" uniqueness, so below method (2) is recommended:

2.  Run "openssl" command on Linux or Windows


openssl rand -base64 32 >> log.key


      The command will return a 44-chars random unique string (the latest char is "=") in "log.key" file. For example

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