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Have inline dropdown selections (with autocomplete) for Expressions

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Have inline dropdown selections (with autocomplete) for Expressions

One of the challenges of expressions is getting set details right e.g. with set values. For example, you have to remember the exact detail of the set value you want to filter on. Now you could make selections and then use the set expressions options to paste into the expression. But many qlik devs I know just want to cut code straight into the expression, and get really frustrated having to close out of an expression to create a selection box to find the correct set analysis value to use, then go back into the expression editor to discover that they were one letter out.

So imagine in the expression editor when you try to type the following:

           sum({<[Date Type] = {'Desktop Compliance Visit Request Date'}>}Incidents)

as soon as you type [Date Type] = {   , a dropdown of all of the possible values of the Date Type field appears inline, which behaves pretty much exactly like a selections box i.e. filters as you type, autocompletes, and allows scrolling and mouse click selection if you cannot remember the details.

How this might work with functions e.g. colours is that when you type a colour function e.g. rgb(  , the colour selector appears, you select the desired colour, and it puts the appropriate RGB into the function. This would make even more sense if my HEX colour function idea is also adopted.

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