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Hello Qlik Users,

Happy Wednesday!

There are two Qlik Sense patches and one Qlik Web Connectors patch available today! You can, of course, find the patches on the Qlik download site.

For customers who are using the latest release of the Qlik Web Connectors package from December 2020, the following improvements are now available:

  • Configurable Default Timeout:
    Users now have the ability to define how long Qlik Web Connectors should wait after making a connection request. Using the variable DefaultRequestTimeoutMs in the deploy.config file, they can define any timespan between 3 minutes and 90 minutes (i.e., values between 180000 and 5400000 ms) before Qlik Web Connectors will time out.
  • New configuration option for the Office 365 SharePoint Connector:
    An option can now be added to the deploy.config file to override the authentication endpoint, client ID and client secret. This configuration is useful only when the SharePoint Online environment is hosted outside general production, e.g., in a US Government tenant.
  • More columns available in the Outlook 365 Connector:
    The columns body_contentType and body_content have been added to the tables EventsForCalendar and AllEvents.


The following Qlik Sense patches are now available:

Qlik Sense Patch



November 2020 Patch 8

Release Notes

Resolved Defects

September 2020 Patch 10

Release Notes

Resolved Defects


You will also notice a link to an article that lists the corresponding patch's resolved defects. Moving forward, we will provide this information in an article to make it easier to search for resolved issues in our Knowledge Base.

Each Qlik Sense patch has a few fixes, so please follow best practices when upgrading:

  • Read the release notes
  • Back up your Qlik Sense environment
  • Test the patch in a QA environment


For more guidance on upgrades, see the Qlik Sense Upgrade guide. This guide was created by the Qlik Digital Support team and offers step-by-step instructions, pictures and troubleshooting tips. 

Be sure to subscribe to the Qlik Support Updates Blog by clicking the green Subscribe button to stay up-to-date with the latest releases. Please give this post a like if you found it helpful and let us know if you have any questions or what you think about the new articles that list the defects.

Thank you for choosing Qlik!

Kind Regards,

Qlik Global Support