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The Support Updates blog delivers important and useful Qlik Support information about end-of-product support, new service releases, and general support topics.

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access provides an encrypted connection to Qlik Cloud , allowing Qlik Sense SaaS applications to securely access and analyze data that resides behind your organization's firewall, without compromising your enterprises' network security.

No matter if your protected data is on-premises or in a virtual private cloud, Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access provides a sure way to analyze that data in Qlik Sense SaaS safely and securely. 

Key Resources

  • Check out our Overview and Demo video here!
  • Try Direct Access today with our demo app.
  • To set up your Data Gateway, follow these deployment instructions.
  • For a tour, please check out the Connect and Learn pane on the bottom right of your Qlik Cloud hub
  • Detailed capabilities shared on our Product Innovation Blog!


Qlik Cloud offers enterprise-grade solutions for data ingestion into Qlik Sense SaaS with respect to governed access of internal data landscape(s) of an organization - no matter where the data resides.

Happy data exploring!

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