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Beginning November 1, 2022, Qlik is going to enforce rate limits to API requests on Qlik Cloud REST APIs made from external clients and applications. Qlik Users are only impacted if they use Qlik Cloud Rest APIs from external clients and applications including but not limited to Qlik-CLI, Qlik’s platform SDKs, REST clients like Postman, or custom applications. 


Depending on the language, client, and code you’ve written to interact with Qlik’s APIs, user code should be prepared to handle rate limits based on the APIs used. One way to do this is to add code that handles HTTP 429 responses by reading the `retry-after` response header and adding a function that throttles your application to wait until the retry period has elapsed. 


 Where can I learn more about Qlik Cloud API rate limits?  

Information about Qlik Cloud API rate limits is visible on starting on October 11, 2022. In the API reference section for Manage APIs, you can identify the rate limit tier for the endpoints you use. Any special tier endpoints will indicate the specific API rate limit on the API reference page.  

Additionally, Qlik has released a new API Policy for working with Qlik Cloud’s APIs.  

For more details on how rate limiting is being implemented, please review this knowledge base article. 

Remember, API rate limit enforcement begins November 1st, 2022. Please make sure to review your solutions so they continue to work in a performant manner.  

Thank you for choosing Qlik! 


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Learn more about API rate limiting at these resources: 

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