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Digital Support
Digital Support

We are excited to share a new set of guides with you, all of which aim to help you learn about the technical architecture, capabilities, and functionality of Qlik Cloud. The guides are provided in HTML and PDF format for your convenience.

A Quick Summary:

The Qlik Cloud platform supports a full range of users and use-cases across the lifecycle from data integration to insight generation. These services include change data capture, transformation, data cataloguing, application automation, self-service analytics and dashboards, conversational analytics, custom and embedded analytics, and alerting.

The Evaluation Guides for Qlik Cloud have been developed to assist customers and prospective customers to understand and evaluate the Qlik Cloud platform and its related services.  This includes technical features, architecture, governance & reliability of the platform. These guides are updated regularly to reflect the latest features of the platform.

You can find all guides here: Qlik Evaluation Guides | 


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