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Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello everyone,

The December 2023 (1.4.0) version of the Qlik PostgreSQL installer is now available on Qlik's download page.

What's New?

1.4.0 introduces Silent install/upgrade support and comes with a number of fixes. See the Release Notes for details.

Want to know more about the Qlik PostgreSQL installer?

Using the Qlik Postgres Installer not only upgrades PostgreSQL; it also unbundles PostgreSQL from your Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows install and can be used to install a new standalone PostgreSQL database with the configuration required for connecting a Qlik Sense server.

Why upgrade and unbundle with the Qlik PostgreSQL installer?

It allows for direct control of your PostgreSQL instance and facilitates maintenance without a dependency on Qlik Sense. Further Database upgrades can then be performed independently and in accordance with your corporate security policy when needed, as long as you remain within the supported PostgreSQL versions. See How To Upgrade Standalone PostgreSQL.

Read more about in Upgrading and unbundling the Qlik Sense Repository Database using the Qlik PostgreSQL Installer.


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