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Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello Qlik Users, 

To strengthen the reliability of the Qlik platform, Qlik is introducing limits for themes and extensions uploaded to Qlik Cloud. These limits will be introduced on January 24. Files which exceed these new requirements will fail to upload once the change has gone into effect.

Files uploaded before the change will continue to function as expected.

The new limits:

  • Archive size: 30MB (currently: no limit) This is larger than any theme currently deployed to Qlik Cloud. We recommend making themes as small as possible to ensure they do not impact the load time in Qlik Sense.
  • Max size of an individual file, uncompressed: 30MB (currently: 250MB) This is directly linked to the archive size.
  • Max total size of all files in a theme or extension, uncompressed: 100MB. This value is based on the uncompressed size of items in the archive; in most cases, users will be limited based on the maximum archive size of 30 MB.
  • Max number of files in archive: 500. If the theme or extension has more files than this, consider leveraging a bundler to build similar file types together.

We expect the impact to be minimal, if not non-existent, but you are recommended to verify all the themes and extensions currently being developed.

For more information, see Guardrails will be added to archive properties for Extensions and Themes APIs.

Thank you for choosing Qlik,
Qlik Support