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The Support Updates blog delivers important and useful Qlik Support information about end-of-product support, new service releases, and general support topics.

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Digital Support
Digital Support

The OEM Dashboard is an application for Qlik Cloud designed for OEM partners to centrally monitor data across their customers’ tenants. It provides a single pane to review numerous dimensions and measures, compare trends, and quickly spot issues across many different areas—which would otherwise be a tedious and manual process.

This application includes data from the App Analyzer, Entitlement Analyzer, and the Reload Analyzer, all of which are other monitoring applications for Qlik Cloud that provide deep levels of detail on their respective areas. Together, a complete picture can be formed which is crucial to the successful management of an OEM environment.

For reference, here's a brief blog post and video which refers to this application and describes Qlik’s differentiating multi-tenant approach:

The attachments on this page include the OEM Dashboard application and configuration guide. Additionally, you'll find the Console Settings Collector application which is an optional data source for the OEM Dashboard described in the guide.

Use Case:

While this application was built first and foremost for Qlik's OEM partners, it can also be used for direct customers that have multiple Qlik Cloud Tenants, e.g., global deployments or tiered deployments.

Items to note:

  • This app is provided as-is and is not supported by Qlik Support.
  • It is recommended to always use the latest app.
  • Information is not collected by Qlik when using this app.


This app was created internally and will be supported by the developers of the app. They will be following this thread so be sure to post any questions or issues here so they can be addressed.