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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Qlik Users,

Based upon overwhelming customer feedback, Qlik has decided to simplify the portfolio to only offer the full-featured Qlik Catalog™ product.  This means we will be retiring Qlik Catalog for QVDs as of January 1, 2021.

Existing Qlik Catalog for QVDs customer will be excited to hear that they will be upgraded, at no charge, to a full Qlik Catalog license.  This means that all Qlik Catalog customers will now have the same robust set of capabilities available to them including:

  • Profiling and organizing data from a wide variety of data repositories
  • Profiling and organizing multiple data file formats, not just QVD files
  • Additional security capabilities such as masking sensitive data fields (ex. PPI) within a dataset while still enabling users to see other fields
  • Many choices on where data that’s defined in Qlik Catalog can be delivered or published.  In addition to Qlik Sense, cataloged data can be published to many on-premise and cloud-based data repositories as well as other BI tools such as Tableau and PowerBI  


To learn more about Qlik Catalog capabilities, check out the demo videos below.

Qlik Catalog for QVDs customers have already been notified and will receive a new license key in January 2021.  Simply inputting the new license key will instantly upgrade the deployment to the full-featured Qlik Catalog product.  The software does not need to be re-installed or shutdown.  We have asked that all upgrades occur by March 1, 2021.

The number of Qlik Catalog customers has rapidly grown over the past few years and we believe this change will continue to expand the use of data cataloging within our customer base. 

Please contact your local Qlik Customer Support representative if you have any questions.

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Kind regards,

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