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Digital Support
Digital Support

Qlik Cloud Data Integration is now available to customers looking to deliver, transform and unify data via automated, efficient and governed data pipelines.

  • Deliver: Secure, real-time data movement
    • Automatically replicate, update and catalog data in real-time from on-premises and cloud sources to cloud data warehouses without manual coding or scripting.
    • Note:  You will need to install the Qlik Gateway for Data Movement if on-premises data sources are required; details are below.
  • Transform: Push-down data transformation
    • Turn raw records into consumption-ready data via auto-generated, push-down SQL by creating a reusable pipeline of data models, quality rules, and tasks that generate SQL.
  • Unify: Unified metadata & lineage
    • The integrated catalog service encourages both analytic explorations of available data sets and also boosts data confidence by helping you understand each dataset's lineage; From the origin, journey, and ultimate usage.

Getting Started

Get to know Qlik Cloud Data Integration by watching the video below. To move forward with this functionality, please get in touch with your Account Manager or Sales representative for purchase. Once the license is enabled, the new features will be automatically provisioned to your tenant, with no further action required on your part.


Configuration Requirements and Limitations

We strongly recommend reading the System Requirements and Limitations section on our documentation site to ensure success with this feature.

You can then move forward by connecting data sources like Microsoft SQL Server and cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Google BigQuery, etc. once familiar with the requirements.


Qlik Gateway for Data Movement

To connect to your on-premises data sources, you will need to deploy the Data Movement Gateway. which is a Linux-based component used to establish a secure reverse tunnel between the data source, Qlik Cloud and cloud targets. The gateway:

  • Eliminates the need to open inbound firewall ports
  • Requires only port HTTPS/TCP-443 for outbound communication
  • Establishes outgoing secure reverse tunnel from the gateway to Qlik Cloud via an HTTPS connection
  • Uses key pair authentication for end-to-end data encrypts between the gateway and your cloud tenant


Thank you for choosing Qlik!

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