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Digital Support
Digital Support

Business Glossary is now available as part of your existing Qlik Cloud Analytics subscription.  

This allows data steward to create and maintain a repository of business terms' definitions and descriptions. 

Qlik Business Glossary will: 

  • Ensure that everyone in the organization speaks the same language. 
  • Streamline data-based decisions.
  • Simplify regulatory compliance.


How to start using the feature:

Business Glossary is available as part of your existing Qlik Cloud Analytics subscription, so you can start using it now!

  1. Assign the steward role to a user who will define and manage business terms.
  2. Create and configure a business glossary from your analytics space.
  3. Populate and organize your business glossary with terms and categories.

Please note: It is also possible to import existing glossaries from an exported glossary or from a different system glossary such as Atlas or Atlan. 


Additional Resources:


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