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Digital Support
Digital Support

Security issues in Qlik GeoAnalytics Server have been identified and an update containing the fixes is required to prevent system vulnerability.

All Qlik GeoAnalytics server versions prior to the service releases listed below are affected. 4 vulnerabilities have been identified, 3 being flagged as high risk due to the possibility of information disclosure impacting the server running GeoAnalytics.

Additional details on vulnerabilities are shared here.

Available Patches:

  • May 2022 SR1
  • February 2022 SR1
  • November 2021 SR4
  • May 2021 SR3
  • February 2021 SR3
  • November 2020 SR3
  • September 2020 SR3
  • June 2020 SR3


To Download the latest service releases for GeoAnalytics, visit our Qlik Download’s site. You will need to be logged into Qlik Community with your Qlik ID, and filter by Value Added / GeoAnalytics Server / All releases with latest patch.