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Community Manager

Hello Qlik Users,

It's July 1st and Qlik Patch Wednesday!

There are three new Qlik Sense patches available on the Qlik download site:

Qlik Sense Patch


November 2019 Patch 13

Release Notes

April 2020 Patch 4

Release Notes

June 2020 Patch 2

Release Notes


There is one new Qlik Catalog patch available on the Qlik download site:

Qlik Catalog Patch


June 2020 SR 1

Release Notes


For more information on the Qlik Catalog patch, please see Qlik Catalog June 2020 SR 1 is now available.

Each Qlik Sense patch has a few fixes so please follow best practices when upgrading by backing up your Qlik Sense environment and testing the patch in a QA environment first. For more guidance on upgrade, see the Qlik Sense Upgrade guide. This guide was put together by the Qlik Digital Support team and offers step-by-step instructions, pictures and troubleshooting tips. 

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Thank you for choosing Qlik!

Kind Regards,

Qlik Global Support