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Digital Support

Edited 29th of January, 15:00 CET, added information on how to migrate to use a JSON key file, as well as updated the release date for on-premise from February to May 2024.
Edited 23rd of February, 15:10 CET, updated release date for Qlik Cloud release, which has been confirmed for the 6th of March 2024

Hello everyone,

An upcoming update of the Qlik Sense Google BigQuery Connector will no longer support the use of a p12 file as the Key File. This is currently supported while Service Authentication is used as the OAuth mechanism. If you are using a p12 key file in the definition with this connection scenario, you will have to migrate to a JSON key file instead.

Why is this change being made?

The latest version of OpenSSL, 3.0, has deprecated p12 as a legacy function. Therefore, while the new connector version will have a new driver supporting OpenSSL 3.0, it cannot support p12 key files anymore.

How do I migrate to use a JSON key file?

The easiest way to migrate is to create a new JSON key file in the Google Console. Then, the new key file can be used in the connection definition replacing a currently used p12 file. See Google Cloud documentation for more details on how to create and delete service account keys.

When will this change take effect?

The updated Connector will be rolled out in Qlik Sense Cloud on the 6th of March, and in the May 2024 release of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.


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