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Digital Support

To our Talend 8 Customers,

To enhance both your security and Talend experience, Java 17 will be the only supported Java version for future updates to Talend Studio and the following supported applications.

  • Talend Studio
  • Talend Administration Center
  • Talend Data Preparation - (client managed installation)
  • Talend Data Stewardship - (client managed installation)
  • Talend SAP RFC Server
  • Talend Semantic Dictionary
  • Talend Identity and Access Management

Note: this upgrade does not impact execution of your artifacts that continue to support Java 8 or 11.

Previous versions of Java will no longer be supported by the above application when electing to upgrade to R2024-05. We are giving you this advanced notice to ensure you can plan this upgrade and take time to review your current Java environment. Java 17 support was first introduced with the R2023-10 release.

By giving this advanced notification, we are delighted to be able to reach a point of maturity where we can fully support best practices with dependencies and third-party libraries and be proactive in addressing CVEs to deliver constant improvement to the Talend Studio platform.

Compatibility Documentation:


For further questions please contact Qlik Talend Support and subscribe to the Support Blog for future updates.


Thank you for choosing Qlik,

Qlik Talend Customer Success